Impact Wrestling Results (9/8) – Motor City Machine Guns (Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin) defeated The Rascalz (Dez and Wentz); Sami Callihan has Plans for Rob Van Dam and Katie Forbes

After hitting their finisher, the MCMG got a much deserved win

Impact Wrestling Results were caught off guard as the Rascalz wasted no time in attacking, knocking the MCMG off the apron, then hitting with dives through the ropes before they got their gear off.

The Rascalz alternated on nailing Shelly in the corner with splashes, then targeted Chris Cabin when he came into the ring with kicks and a near pinfall. Wentz hit with a running kick and standing moonsault on Sabin for a near pinfall.

Shelley blind tagged in as Wentz came off the ropes and pulled off a really awesome double team dragon leg whip.

Shelley continued working on Wentz’s leg, and when Shelley threw him toward another corner her collapsed.

In the corner, Wentz caught Shelley with a kick and a charging Sabin with an elbow.

Shelley then kept the referee busy so Sabin would get some hits in, then Shelley continued working on Wentz.

Sabin came in and worked on Wentz’s knee with a couple of stretch holds and slammed his legs into the mat.

This is a clinic on how to do a tag team match, and Shelley had Wentz in a leg lock while Sabin locked Dez in an abdominal stretch.

Dex broke free, and broke Shelley’s hold with a standing moonsault press.

Wentz fought out of Shelley’s hold with a step up kick and Dez and Sabin came in.

Dex snapmared Sabin and then hit with a drop kick.

With Sabin n the corner, Dez hit with a reverse elbow and went for a near pinfall.

Dex flipped Sabin toward the corner where Wentz hit with a double stomp for a near pinfall.

Dex then hit Sabin with a superkick, but Sabin rolled out of the way of a slam, and the Motor City Machine Guns fired on all cylinders as they dismantled Wentz.

Sabin pinned Wentz while Shelley held Dez back.

After the match, the North ran to the ring and attacked Shelley and Sabin.

They turned the tide on the North, but Ace Austin and Madman Fulton came on and they finished taking apart the Motor City Machine Guns.

The two heel teams were about to fight amongst themselves when Page said they each get one, so the North focused on Shelley while Fulton and Austin went after Sabin

The Good brothers then came out and cleared the ring of the North and Austin and Fulton.

Dex and Wentz took out the heels from over the top rope and ring post, leaving the three face teams in the ring.

There was some jawing back and forth, but in the end they stood together, drawing the battle lines. Impact Wrestling Results can’t wait to see what friendships and rivalries come from this.

The Whole Effing Show

We switched to Katie Forbes and RVD as they announced they were picked up for their own show beginning next week called The Whole Effin Show on Impact Wrestling.

Sami Callihan has plans

We came back to Sami Callihan hacking away, and saying it’s all about the numbers.

He said for instance, last week he beat Rob Van Dam which would happen every week.

But after the match, he got his a$$ kicked again because of the numbers.

He added that he’s had a lot of people’s numbers in his career, but not many have had his.

He got thinking that Katie Forbes is a little too much, and a little birdie told him that next week RVD and Forbes have the debut of their own segment.

He said since she has his number, he promised he will not hack their show because he has other plans. This is going to be another fun one next week.

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