Summer Struggle in Jingu: Headline Matches

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Moments After The Final Headline Match Of The Summer Struggle In Jingu Event On August 29, 2020 via New Japan World

The last of two headline matches saw Dangerous Tekkers (Zack Sabre Jr/Taichi) make the V1 defense of the IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team Champions against Golden Ace (Hiroshi Tanahashi/Kota Ibushi) the team they defeated for the titles on July 12th at Dominion.

Golden Ace wanted to get back on track after some tension between the pairing as Ibushi became frustrated with Tanahashi, who admits to not being the same wrestler he was in past years.

Dangerous Tekkers wanted to prove that their growth over the past two years as a team led them to become champions, and their success doesn’t come down to fluke victories.

The match saw back and forth actions, with multiple moments where it looked as if Golden Ace was going to recapture the IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team Championship, continuing the streak of teams losing during their V1 defense of the title.

Summer Struggle in Jingu: Headline Matches

However, Dangerous Tekkers were able to sneak a victory from nowhere by pinfall after using their Zack Mephisto technique on Tanahashi at the 16 minute and 1-second mark.

With a good portion of the New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW) roster elsewhere in the world, it’s unsure who will be the next to challenge the Suzuki-Gun team for the championship.

Moments After The Beginning Of The First Headline Match Of The Summer Struggle In Jingu Event On August 29, 2020 via New Japan World

The first headline match of the Summer Struggle in Jingu event saw Los Ingobernables de Japon (LIJ) member Hiromu Takahashi make his V2 defense of the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship against Bullet Club member Taiji Ishimori.

Ishimori’s previous attacks on Hiromu’s shoulder played a role in the narrative of the match, which was high paced and likely the most exciting match of the night.

The back and forth contest eventually came to a conclusion due to Hiromu’s shoulder not being able to hold up after sustained offense. Ishimori would submit Hiromu at the 13 minutes and 30-second mark with his Bone Lock technique to begin his second reign as IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion.

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