AEW Dynamite Results: Colt Cabana vs. Hangman Page

Back in the early days of The Dark Order, one of their missions was the recruit Hangman Page. This failed, but he’s at his lowest point yet in his AEW tenure. He’s out of The Elite, Kenny Omega has abandoned him, but the chance to become AEW Champion is here once again.

All he needs to do is beat Colt Cabana in the first round to get started. A member of Dark Order. Everything could come full circle here. Neither man is ranked in singles, meaning this is their best path to the championship.

Colt Cabana Shows His Wrestling Skills

They’d lock up hard, and Page wasted no time grabbing a wrist, but Cabana easily rolled out. A headlock would be applied, but again, Cabana slipped out. Trying to wrestle Cabana is hard, he’s secretly scary good.

Page would run the ropes and be dodged by Cabana, until he nailed a hard elbow to the face. This one was turning into a fight, Cabana hitting a bionic elbow before getting the boot to the face. Page hit a running Shooting Star Press, for a two count. They’d trade blows, and Cabana countered a throw to the corner.

Cabana found his way to the apron, and Page would hit his springboard lariat before diving outside. We’d go to a commercial break, and throughout they’d brawl around the ring. Once they got back in, Page would hit his fallaway slam into a bridging pinfall, getting a two count.

Hangman Page Has A Date With Destiny

Cabana would run into a boot, and coming back from the break we had a slugfest until Page hit the release fallaway slam before taking the elbow into the headscissors. More strikes from both men, and Cabana would try to go up and under, but Page stopped him in his tracks.

Cabana tried to jump into a back elbow in the corner, but got caught with a German Suplex. He’d tag refuge on the apron, taking a rolling elbow before preventing the moonsault by shoving Page off, and then nailing a running splash. Back in the ring, Page dodged a second splash and hit the pop up powerbomb for a two count.

Page tried to set up the Buckshot, but got tripped onto his head. Cabana set up Chicago Skyline, but Page countered and went for the Buckshot. This missed, Cabana tripped him up for the superman pin, getting two. Page was sent to the apron, faked Cabana out and nailed the Buckshot.

Page will face Wardlow next week in the semi-finals. Will he be able to stop Wardlow? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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