AEW Dynamite Results: Penta El Zero M vs. Rey Fenix

When this tournament bracket was revealed, this is the match everyone’s eyes went to. It’s brother vs. brother, as The Lucha Bros go singles. They do not mind this, and have gone to war in the past as well. With a chance at the AEW Championship on the line, they’ll do what it takes to ensure the best man moves on to face Kenny Omega in the next round.

Lucha Bros Show Their Chemistry

A handshake would start the match, before they’d get right to wrestling. Penta is the better wrestler, Fenix is the better flier. It was instantly clear that this wasn’t going to be a slow paced match. They traded arm drags, but as Fenix went for a rollup, he’d end up in an ankle lock. Fenix tried to go for a back body drop after breaking out, only to almost be caught with a package piledriver.

He’d fight out, slip into the ropes to gain momentum for a kick, but Penta had this all scouted and got a kick to the chest to drop Fenix. Fenix would goad his brother in with kicks, only to dodge a kick and attempt a roll up, before Pentagon did the same.

They’d get back to their feet, and have a chop off. Fenix finally broke this and quickly got to the top rope, only to dive off into a superkick from Penta. They’d end up on the apron, where Fenix would dodge a death valley driver, hit the kick and dive to the outside with about four full rotations.Fenix went up again, but Penta yanked the ropes and sent him down hard as we went to a commercial break.

Rey Fenix & Penta El Zero M Give Another Classic

Coming back from the break, both men were wiped out on the outside after Penta missed a chop to the ringpost, after beating on his brother throughout. They’d get back in the ring, and get right back to striking with a pump kick from Fenix, before Penta came off the middle rope with a sling blade.

Going to the top rope, Fenix would take Penta down with a headscissors, coming down hard himself. Penta hit a DDT, and Fenix was slowing down, but when a powerbomb would be set up, Fenix slipped out and nailed a superkick. He’d grab the wrist, hit a hard chop, run into the corner and drag Penta into the turnbuckle.

Penta nailed a kick, and out Fenix up top before Fenix came too and hit a beautiful spanish fly. Fenix would be goaded into hitting his brother, hitting the ropes instead, being popped up, flipped midair and nailed with a powerbomb. Penta went for the armbreaker, and Fenix had him lower his guard. He played possum, nailed the Destroyer and got the win. This one was a fast paced and downright incredible match.

Rey Fenix will go to face Kenny Omega next week. Does he stand a chance? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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