Impact Wrestling Preview (10/20) – The Good Brothers (Karl Anderson, Doc Gallows) vs. The North (Josh Alexander, Ethan Page)

This has been one of the matches Impact Wrestling Preview has been waiting for since the Good Brothers signed with Impact, and we expect a good one.

The tag team division has quickly become one of the strongest in professional wrestling competition and talent wise, and that’s all fans want.

Many of us are tired of a tag team division that’s either used to create singles stars or a constant spot fest that fails to tell a story.

And when the Good Brothers (Karl Anderson, Doc Gallows) and The North (Ethan Page, Josh Alexander) meet, it’s going to be fun watching things unfold as we get a solid dose of old school wrestling.

Making noise

Since coming to Impact Wrestling, the Good Brothers are undefeated in standard tag team matches, but they’ll face their toughest challenge yet in the North.

While Anderson and Gallows are a great pairing as they combine toughness, strength and speed, They’ve also been open and honest about their intention to win the Impact Tag Team Championship.

They’ll get their chance this weekend at Bound For Glory, but first they have to get past the North, and Josh Alexander and Ethan Page aren’t ready to be sacrificed for momentum.

The best way to sum up Gallows and Anderson is brutal. They’re brutally efficient in pummeling their opponents into submission, but there’s more to them than that.

While they have no problem exchanging blows in the middle of the ring, both men are capable wrestlers and can hold their own against most, but not this time.

Up to the task

The North are more than capable of matching the Good Brothers on every level but strength as the Big LG is hard to match up against, but that’s also the North’s advantage.

With their record setting tag team championship reign behind them, they’re determined to climb the mountain once again and reclaim what they view as theirs.

Page and Alexander bring a tenaciousness and desire to the match that’s only matched by their in ring skill.

Few are capable of outwrestling them, and when they’re firing on all cylinders they’re nearly impossible to stop, and their title reign shows.

Impact Wrestling Preview thinks the best chance for them to win is the same as when they faced Ace Austin and Madman Fulton, and that’s to isolate Anderson and try to limit Gallows’ chances.

That’s easier said than done since Page or Alexander will be hard pressed to do so, but if a team can managed that, it’ll be the North as they look to build momentum for themselves.

Who do you think will win? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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