Impact Wrestling Results (10/13) – Doc Gallows (W/Karl Anderson) Defeated Madman Fulton (w/Ace Austin) by Pinfall

Gallows hit a double handed chokeslam onto chairs for the win

Impact Wrestling Results were all set and settled in to begin the main event, and before Austin or Fulton came out, the Good Brothers grabbed a mic and Anderson said they’ve told the world why they came to Impact Wrestling.

He said they realized they liked Impact. They’re the best wrestlers, talkers, beer drinkers, but they realized that to be the best they need to have the tag team championship.

Gallows added that they’re going to walk out of Bound For Glory as Impact Tag Team champions.

Fulton and Austin then came out. This should be a great match. Yet another one we’ve been looking forward to seeing all week.

Gallows started it with a big boot, and then several rights to Fulton in the corner.

Fulton caught Gallows in the air and hit him with a snake eyes in the corner and knocked him outside the ring.

The fight then went to the floor as Gallows and Fulton exchanged heavy handed blows as they fought up to the LED board.

The match ended in a double count out but the battle continued.

The fight continues

We’re back and the fight is still going on, and it was decided the match will continue as a no DQ or count outs.

Everyone got involved during the commercial break, and Fulton hit Gallows with a lead pipe and a garbage came.

Gallows then hit him with a steel chair and a can of beer on the head before throwing him into the ring.

Gallows hit Fulton with three chair shots to the back, and followed it with a kick.

Austin was out on the ramp and the ring was littered with chairs and other items.

Gallows jumped off the top rope with a chair, but Fulton caught him with a big boot, then commenced stomping on Gallows.

Fulton put a chair on Gallows’ back and hammered the chair, then choked Gallows with a crutch.

Fulton then slammed Gallows’ head into the turnbuckle three times.

Fulton set a chair in the ropes in the corner and put Gallows head against it.

Fulton charged at him with a chair, btu Gallows caught him with a big boot, then threw Fulton into the chain in the ropes.

Gallows propped up two chairs and hit with a double hand choke slam for the win.

From what Impact Wrestling Results saw, this was an awesome hardcore match and it’s a shame we missed the middle of it.

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