Impact Wrestling Results (10/20) – The North (Ethan Page and Josh Alexander) vs. The Good Brothers (Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows) Ended in No Contest

Alexander prevented the Good Brothers from hitting the Magic Killer on Page and the referee lost control

This is one of the matches Impact Wrestling Results have been waiting for.

Anderson and Page started it off and Page backed Anderson into a corner after a lockup, and Anderson hit him with a kick and knocked him across the ring before Page was knocked out of the ring.

Page came in and Gallows met him and sent him from the ring to start it off.

When Impact Wrestling Results came back from commercial, Gallows was in control over Alexander and he worked him over in the Good Brothers’ corner

He then hit with a kick to Alexander’s stomach and Anderson his with a kick to his head.

Gallows hit with an elbow drop for a near pinfall, and followed that with a headbutt.

Anderson came back in and stomped Alexander Steve Austin style.

Alexander backed Anderson into the ropes and Page hit him from behind, and the pair choked him out, and then Page came in and hit a couple of rights and antagonized Gallows, then double teamed Anderson.

Alexander hit with a knee and a forearm, but Anderson fought out of the corner.

Anderson stopped him with a kick, and then hit a couple of shoulder blocks into the corner. He followed it by locking in a half nelson on Anderson.

No allies here

Anderson fought out of it with some elbows, but Page blind tagged in. Alexander hit with a neckbreaker on his knee, and Page came in and locked in a reverse chin lock.

Page hit Anderson with a knee and drove him to the North’s corner, where Alexander flipped Anderson over and locked in a reverse chin lock.

Anderson fought out of it with a couple of elbows to Alexander’s midsection, and then caught Alexander with a big boot.

Anderson then hit a spinebuster as Alexander came off the ropes.

Gallows nailed Page with a series of clotheslines on Page, knocked Alexander out of the ring, then hit a splash on Page.

They set Page up for a Magic Killer, but Alexander came in to prevent it and they paired off and the referee called it a no contest, but they ket fighting.

Ace Austin and Madman Fulton came out and attacked the Good brothers from behind, and the Motor City Machine Guns came out to even the odds.

The North were sent out of the ring, and Gallows hit Fulton with a big boot and sent him to the floor with a clothesline.

The MCMG and Good Brothers seems to make peace as Anderson took Alex Shelley’s hand and then pulled in into a stunner, and they took out Chris Sabin with a Magic Killer.

Impact Wrestling Results enjoyed the way it ended as the Good Brothers showed they own no one anything and have no friends.

What did you all think of tonight’s show? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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