Impact Wrestling Results (10/6) – The Rascalz (Dez and Wentz) Defeated XXXL (Acey Romero and Larry D) by pinfall; Eric Young Attacked Rich Swann

The Rascalz hit with a Final Fire Flame on Larry for the win

Impact Wrestling Results noticed tonight’s the night of rematches as we’re on our third one from Victory Road. This should be a really good one, so we’re not complaining.

XXXL jumped the Razcalz as they posed, sending Wentz to the outside, then bounced Dez between them before grabbing his feet and feet and threatening to pull him apart.

Whoa boy.

Things get serious

We retuned from a quick flashback moment with Acey in control over Dez, but Dez tried to fight back but Acey hit a suplex and nearly scored a pinfall.

Larry choked out Dez in their corner, and then tagged in and nailed Dez with a vicious right forearm, followed by a slam and stomp on Dez’s chest.

Larry locked in a reach chin lock, but Dez fought out of it with some strikes to the midsection, but then Larry caught him in a crossbody and dropped him into a kick.

That looked like it hurt.

Dez kicked out of a pin attempt at two.

Larry threw Dez out of the ring and distracted the referee so Acey could hit him with a forearm.

In the ring, Larry locked on a neck twist on Dez. Dez fought out of it but Larry caught both his hands and hit with a chest butt.

Dez then flipped out of Larry’s grip and Wentz hit with a step up kick, then fired off a punch and kick combination.

A dropkick in the corner followed by one on Larry’s leg and a moonsault led to a near pinfall.

Wentz locked in a sleeper hold, but Larry powered to his feet,, but Dez came in and they hit with an onslaught of kicks and Wentz hit Acey.

Larry picked Wentz up buy the throat, but Dez broke it up.

Acey hit Larry with a clothesline bay accident and was superkick out of the ring by Des. The Rascalz hit with a Hot Fire Flame for Wentz to score the pinfall on Larry.

Backstage, Fallah Bahh continued his search and ended up in Hernandez’s shower where he cautiously took his roll of money and slipped out.

Rich Swann attacked

Jimmy Jacobs was at the physical therapy center checking on Rich Swann, and the doctor said Swann is ready. He made a point of saying Swann is ready today because he’s there working out morning, noon, and night.

While Swann was saying he’s feeling better than ever, Eric young attacked him, and slammed Swann’s injured ankle in the weight machines.

Young then tied his leg to a machine and hit it with a dumbbell and told Swann to stay out of his way.

Good Brothers Guardian Angels Agency

Gia interviewed the Motor City Machine Guns and they said how they’re in the other tag teams’ crosshairs, and that Ace Austin reminds Alex Shelley of himself when he was younger.

The Good Brothers interrupted Chris Sabin and they pointed out how they’ve been there and done that.

Shelley asked for tips, then interrupted Anderson and pointed out they’re the best.

Gallows said they’re the MCMG’s guardian angels so nothing bad will happen to them during their match tonight. The Good Brothers want them healthy to lose their titles.

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