Will Shingo Takagi & Minoru Suzuki End Their Feud With Last Man Standing Rules?

After two insanely hard hitting matches this year, it has become very clear that Minoru Suzuki & Shingo Takagi are far from done with each other. Their first match at Jingu Stadium saw Suzuki take the NEVER Openweight Championship from Suzuki with a Gotch Style Piledriver. They’d meet again in the G1 Climax on the final night of A-Block, with Shingo getting his win back with Last Of The Dragon.

After spending most of their tag team match on the finals of the G1 Climax brawling, and Suzuki challenging Shingo to another match, they are once again on the collision course. Power Struggle is right around the corner, and their next match will need higher stakes. Could we see a rare ‘King of Destroyer’ match, otherwise known as Last Man Standing?

Shingo Takagi Wanted To Fight Until One Man Couldn’t Stand

When we were on the road to the first matchup between these warriors, Shingo Takagi couldn’t contain his excitement. He lives for a good fight, and you won’t get a better fight than what Suzuki will bring to the table. Shingo wanted to just fight until one man was unable to stand, and in the end that was him, after he was dropped with the Gotch Style Piledriver for the three count, and he left without his gold.

That was not really enough to satisfy Shingo, as he and Suzuki picked up right where they left off for the next match in the G1, this time going differently, but still a simple match. For a tiebreaker, we need to see who is tougher before they go too far. Having the match end with a 10 count would be just this, and both men are more than capable of launching a knock-out worthy blow.

Minoru Suzuki Needs To Hold This Championship Into 2021

While Shingo Takagi is going to be a tough challenger, and just one of many who have a claim to Suzuki’s NEVER Openweight Championship, Suzuki needs to do his best to carry it for as long as possible. He finished the G1 with only three wins, ending up with 6 points. That really isn’t enough to carry him into next year’s tournament, despite some excellent showings in this year’s tournament.

He missed out on the 2019 G1, and only got in this year due to his status as champion and a reduced roster. His slot next year could easily go to a new debut or returning Young Lion like Great Okhan, but a good title reign could change his chances. Suzuki has a year to rehab this tournament, and it starts with beating Shingo.

Do you think we will see a rare “King Of Destroyer” match in NJPW at Power Struggle? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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