Did KENTA Attack Jon Moxley In AEW?

This past week on AEW Dynamite, Jon Moxley & Kenny Omega were supposed to sign the contract for their upcoming AEW World Championship match. It happens on December 2nd, as part of AEW: Winter Is Coming, but only one man put pen to paper to help make this match official. Kenny Omega did his part, but Jon Moxley was laid out backstage before he could make his way to the ring. This has all lead to a bit of a mystery, that being ‘Who took out Jon Moxley?’

While he has plenty of rivals within AEW, it could have been someone from outside the company. Someone who has been waiting impatiently for Moxley to make his way to Japan for a match, someone in a faction Kenny Omega once led. Is KENTA coming to AEW to send a message to Jon Moxley?

Jon Moxley Hasn’t Defended The IWGP United States Championship In Months

With the global pandemic shutting down international travel, and contracts making it hard for Moxley to appear for New Japan Pro Wrestling, his second title, one he’s held for longer than the AEW World Championship has gone undefended. He’s been IWGP United States Champion since January 4th, having beaten Lance Archer to claim it. Two defenses were managed early in the year, one against Juice Robinson and a second against Minoru Suzuki. He was going to face Zack Sabre Jr. next, but then everything shut down.

Fast forward to the New Japan Cup USA, and KENTA would come out on top to become the new number one contender for this championship, basically being treated as the interim championship, and defending the contract twice. If anyone has a reason to attack Jon Moxley, it is KENTA. With the news that AEW might not be sending Moxley to Japan for Wrestle Kingdom, it’s a good time to send a message.

KENTA Isn’t In World Tag League, Has Returned To Orlando

During his time in WWE NXT, KENTA would move to Orlando, Florida to have to travel less. It’s become home to him, and even with his WWE tenure being left in the past, he remains there. His absence from World Tag League in NJPW indicates that he likely went home for a bit of a rest. This puts him right near his future challenge, and potentially makes him the one to shatter the door between NJPW & AEW.

It would be a huge match that AEW could co-promote with NJPW, and would solve the issue of Moxley not being able to defend his championship. Furthermore, if it happens before December 2nd, Kenny Omega could just happen to help KENTA defeat Moxley, giving him a mental edge going into the match for the AEW World Championship. Moxley had referenced being a double champion earlier in the night, but didn’t mention his other belt by name.

KENTA is just one of many potential suspects here, but a likely one some will overlook. Do you think KENTA could pop up in AEW soon? Would this help an AEW/NJPW partnership blossom? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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