WWE News: Why Drew McIntyre vs AJ Styles Is Going To Be A Success

Drew McIntyre’s next opponent for the WWE Championship was revealed during Raw last night, as AJ Styles managed to hold off Keith Lee and Riddle. The match itself was an outstanding effort by all involved, and it’s hard to argue that Styles wasn’t the right man to challenge for the championship next. There was also a tease in the final moments, as The Miz tried to cash in, but could that indicate at the route that the WWE are heading in with this year-ending feud?

WWE News: Feud Makes Complete Sense

It’s fair to say that McIntyre’s complete reign has been dominated by excellent matches on various cards, but it’s also safe to say that the Scot needed a new challenger. Randy Orton’s title quest grew stale, and both superstars needed something fresh to stick their teeth into. McIntyre will be able to do different things in the ring with Styles, and their matches will likely be more technical than the hard-hitting affairs that we saw against Orton.

It also clearly made sense for this to be the next logical step, as Styles is one of the top heels on the Raw side of things. And, when it comes to classic title fights, you always need a strong face against a competitive heel, and in this rivalry that is exactly what we have. It should be an enjoyable couple of months seeing these guys go at it, as both superstars rarely have bad matches.

WWE News: Unpredictability Added To Title Fight

As well as the undoubted match quality that will be on display, there is also the much-needed unpredictability that fans will be able to tap into. The physical difference between Styles and McIntyre will certainly be made more even with the introduction of Big Omos on team Styles, and it will be interesting to see him get involved in a programme of this size.

Finally, we can also add the element of The Miz and his briefcase into proceedings, as he teased last night that he was ready to cash in. McIntyre will be fighting on all corners coming into this match, and it could lead to a potential four-on-one beat down, with The Miz, Styles, Big Omos and Morrison joining forces to weaken the current champion. There are a lot of avenues that the WWE could go down with this feud and it will certainly be a fitting way to end the year for McIntyre, who has been the emerging talent of 2020.

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