WWE’s Roman Reigns Factions – a Shield 2.0? 

Roman Reigns Factions – a Shield 2.0? 

With a lot of people praising Roman Reigns as now one of the best things in WWE. There’s no surprise that it seems like creative control has been given to him. When wrestlers are given the Reigns of their own creative, it really shows. Look at Bray Wyatt for example. As soon as WWE creative had anything involved with it, it died pretty quickly at Hell in a Cell. Roman Reign feud with Jey is surprisingly amazing and at the start of the year no one could have predicted it. Now though, it seems like a faction could be created from this feud.

Could it be the next Shield 2.0? 

Reported by WrestlingNews, it is rumoured that Roman Reigns is in discussion with creative to make a faction. With no other than Jey and Jimmy Usos. These are the members of the faction that seem to be currently discussed. The faction could still be made without them but has been confirmed as of yet. With them being family members and the Shield saying they were brothers back when they were together. The new faction could feel like a new Shield faction but with a completely unique twist on it. This could maybe be the teased stipulation of the Hell in Cell match between Jey and Roman at the next PPV coming up. 

Who could be part of the faction?

There are the obvious two being Jey and Jimmy Usos, but the article did mention that the faction would have more members down the line. The big one could be Brock Lanser even though that doesn’t seem possible but a faction of Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar would be unstoppable. They could be too powerful for the current roster. There is one more very good member of the roster that could fit perfectly into a heel faction. This being Ricochet, mostly due to the fact that he hasn’t done anything in so long, having him part of a faction could be great for him to get back into the limelight.

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