Impact Wrestling Results (1/26) – Brian Myers Defeated Eddie Edwards by Disqualification

Edwards refused to let go of a thumb to the eye to get DQed

Impact Wresting Results returned for one of our favorite weekly spots featuring Tony Kahn’s regular commercial and shameless self promotion.

Tony Kahn said it’s great to join us through another paid ad and said he missed Schiavone last week.

He said he cares about wrestling fans, unlike Don Callis.

He promoted tomorrow’s AEW Dynamite and how he was there for Private Party’s win last week.

A run down of AEW’s card for the next couple of weeks followed.

Backstage, Brian Myers entered and ignored Cardona’s welcome and turned his attention to Josh Alexander for stealing his tag team partner and said he’s got to face a former world champion.

He then welcomed Cardona as he headed to the ring.

Brian Myers vs. Eddie Edwards

The started off with a lockup and a rear waist lock by Edwards but Myers made it to the ropes.

Another lockup led to an arm bar and snapmare by Edwards, and Myers complained he pulled his hair.

Myers then hit a kick and a couple of rights before landing a knee and throwing Edwards off the ropes.

Edwards slid under him and hit an atomic drop and belly to belly suplex that sent Myers to the floor. Edward then hit a dice through the ropes, and tossed Myers into the rope.

Myers rolled back out, and when Edward grabbed him to pull him in Myers pulled Edwards arm on the ropes, then threw him through the ropes to the floor.

Edwards rolled back in and Myers met him with some right and went after Edwards’ injured arm and tried to pull the bandages off.

Myers then hit a suplex for a pin attempt, and followed it with a chin lock using Edwards’ injured arm.

Edwards hit an elbow and a chop, but Myers tripped him off the ropes, then hit a stomp and wrapped Edwards’ arm on the rope and stomping it.

Myers pulled him into the center of the ring and dropped an elbow for a pin attempt.

Myers slapped Edwards’ arm and mocked him, then ate a clothesline and reverse elbow.

Edwards charged him in the corner and Myers hit an elbow, but Edwards nailed him then hit a backpack stunner for a near pinfall.

Edwards tried a double underhook, but Myers fought out of it and hit a front small for a pin attempt.

Myers measured Edwards, but Edwards caught him with a thumb to the eye and forced Myers to the mat and refused to break and was disqualified, and then he bit Myers.

Myers rolled to the floor while Edwards called for him to get back into the ring.

Looks like Edwards snapped in large part to Callihan’s antics.

Swinger’s Influence

Tasha Steelz and Kiera Hogan were backstage and Hogan said she knows their Fire ‘n Flava will be lit, but they didn’t sell a lot of tickets.

Steelz said they can call int a masquerade as Johnny Swinger walked by with three women trailing him and Hogan said she thinks she just got the worst idea in history.

Normally, Impact Wrestling Results would be worried, but we want to know what this idea is. It’s got to be a fun one if they look so upset.

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