Jon Moxley Returns To NJPW To Confront KENTA

After months of KENTA parading around with a heightened sense of superiority, and a briefcase granting him a shot at the IWGP United States Championship, he finally gets his wish. He wanted Jon Moxley. KENTA would mock Moxley on Twitter, in interviews, and just all around call him a coward. It almost got to the point where KENTA expected to not have to deal with Moxley, and he’d just be handed the championship.

That will not be the case. Jon Moxley would arrive in NJPW on the latest episode of NJPW Strong, and meet KENTA head on. This came after Lio Rush made his NJPW Strong debut, and alongside Fred Rosser & TJP would defeat a Bullet Club unit of El Phantasmo, Hikuleo & KENTA. Following the match, Moxley would make his NJPW return and lay out KENTA.

Jon Moxley Battles Bullet Club In Two Seperate Promotions

This comes at a perfect time for Jon Moxley. Right now in All Elite Wrestling (AEW) he’s currently at war with the new AEW World Champion, Kenny Omega. Omega alongside Impact Wrestling exec Don Callis screwed Moxley out of the championship, before reuniting with Impact Wrestling Tag Team Champions Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson. Alongside the AEW World Tag Team Champions, The Young Bucks?

Jon Moxley is facing down a bunch of Bullet Club alumni that are drowning in championship gold, and rushed in head first all the same. He’s at war with some of the best Bullet Club ever had to offer, so why not start a fight with the rest of Bullet Club as well. KENTA is a current member of the faction in NJPW, and perhaps the biggest thorn in the side of Moxley at the moment, so it makes sense to sort it out.

Will KENTA Be Able To Beat Moxley?

Before it was starting to look like AEW & NJPW would actually work together, it seemed like a 100% deal that KENTA would win this match if it happened. KENTA is able to more freely travel from the United States to Japan for NJPW shows, as well as work NJPW Strong without contract restrictions. However, AEW boosted the tweet of their encounter on the official account, showing the best sign that some type of deal has been made between the two companies.

This makes it a more interesting match, as Moxley could be able to defend his IWGP United States Championship on NJPW Strong more frequently. He is a much bigger star than KENTA is, and even just from the NJPW US roster, Moxley can have title defenses against Brody King, Chris Dickinson, and more. Those matches could really help drive up viewership for NJPW Strong, a program that often gets ignored by wrestling fans.

Do you think Jon Moxley can make his third successful defense of the IWGP United States Championship? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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