Will Matt Cardona Expand His Character In Impact Wrestling?

At Hard to Kill, Impact Wrestling saw a big debut. Matt Cardona (fka Zack Ryder) showed up as a surprise opponent for Ace Austin. He’d even win his debut match via DQ, and is working the next set of tapings for the company if nothing else.

However, after failing to secure an AEW contract by coming in with the same character he’s been using for a decade, is it time for him to mix things up a bit? Or is Cardona not ready to give up his WWE past?

Impact Wrestling Is The Perfect Place To Reinvent Yourself

While you can throw a lot of negatives at Impact Wrestling, you can’t knock their ideas to try new things. From allowing Matt Hardy to go all in on his Broken Matt persona, to Su Yung and her multiple personalities. EC3 knows this well, having went from a generic talent in Derrick Bateman to the character that had WWE ready to bring him back in after winning multiple world championships.

He’d give Cardona a shout after his debut, and say the following. “A fine location to reinvent yourself Matthew. You will do well, you may even be happy.” While taking the Cody Rhodes route and finding himself on the indies to build a new persona isn’t an option, Impact is arguably better for this.

Likely To Reunite With Brian Meyers

However, there is one thing Impact Wrestling will need to get out of the way first, and that’s a reunion of Cardona and his long time friend Brian Meyers. They host the Major Figure Wrestling podcast together, and are two time WWE Tag Team Champions together. Impact Wrestling is one team less after The North broke up, and Page left the company. Meyers & Cardona will be having at least a few tag team matches before they even consider doing anything different with Cardona.

There has been a lot of miles put into the moveset and image Cardona still uses, and while it’s not broken? It’s stale, and has been stale for years. He’s only 35 years old, and still has many great years ahead of him, maybe even some World Championships, but Jersey Shore went off the air in 2012.

Do you see Matt Cardona being able to reinvent himself in Impact Wrestling? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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