Impact Wrestling Invited The Great Muta To Defend GHC Heavyweight Championship in America

Things are definitely getting interesting in professional wrestling with so many partnerships opening new doors and bringing back memories of the old territory days, and The Great Muta is helping.

The latest came following the announcement that Impact Wrestling will be doing crossover events with New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW).

With news of Juice Robertson and David Finlay appearing on Impact Wrestling tonight (2/16), more quickly followed.

The legendary, The Great Muta, Spoke at a CyberFight press conference and said that Impact Wrestling sent him offers to defend his GHC title in America.

This isn’t new territory as The Great Muta wrestled in Impact (TNA at the time) in 2014 and 2015.

He also worked with Tommy Dreamer in the Impact special “A Night You Can’t Mist” in 2019. He and Dreamer teamed together in the main event to defeat Michael Elgin and John Morrison.

But the timing is near perfect as it came during a time when wrestling companies were opening their doors to others to help the industry survive the pandemic and lockdowns.

When and where he’ll defend the title hasn’t been announced, but The Great Muta will defend the GHC Heavyweight Championship against Kaito Kiyomiya at Great Voyage 2021 on March 14 at the Fukuoka Convention Centre.

Not just Impact

During his press conference, The Great Muta also said he’d like to defend the title around the world, not just in America. He listed as Taiwan as a possible location as well.

As The Great Muta said he recently signed a contract with Pro Wrestling NOAH, and NOAH has worked with Impact in the past. The most recent being in 2017.

This would be a good thing for fans especially, but what does Impact Wrestling say about it?

As of this writing, Impact Wrestling hasn’t commented on the offer, but Impact Wrestling Executive Vice President Scott D’Amore tweeted: “With all the crossovers buzz of @IMPACTWRESTLING, @AEW, & @njpwglobal let’s look back at the ultimate crossover… When @TheRock & @dlobrown75 stopped by @bcwonline”

He added, “The Forbidden Door was always open. Just needed people with the guts to walk through it!!”

D’Amore hasn’t lost any fire, and we take it as a positive sign that bigger things could be on the horizon between the smaller companies in the United States and other countries.

Things are about to become fun and exciting. We’d better buckle up.

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