Impact Wrestling Results (2/16) – FinJuice (Juice Robertson and David Finlay) Defeated Reno Scum (Adam Thornstowe and Luster the Legend)

Robertson hit Thornstowe with a splash for the win

Impact Wrestling Results returned as Finlay started it off against Luster, and Luster backed him into the ropes and missed with a clothesline.

Finlay locked in an armbar, and her and Robertson alternated hit on Luster’s arm off the top rope, and Robertson knocked Thornstowe off the apron.

They nailed Luster for a near pinfall, and Finlay hit a flying European Uppercut, but Luster caught him with a spinebuster, and Thornstowe hit a dropkick and knocked Robertson off the apron.

Luster came in and clubbed Finlay, but Finlay fought his way out of their corner, but Luster hit a reverse elbow and hit a reverse elbow off the ropes but missed a dropping headbutt.

Robertson tagged in and dropped Luster and Thornstowe, and hit Thornstowe with a senton, then threw Thornstowe from one corner to another before hitting a cannonball for a near pinfall.

Thornstowe reversed Robertson into a boot by Luster, and Finlay and Robertson hit Luster with a double dropkick.

Finlay hit Thornstowe with a superplex and Robertson hit a splash off the top rope for the pin.

As they celebrated, the Good Brothers came out.

The Good Brothers wasted no time in welcoming the “young boy” into the Impact Zone.

They said they love when the boys come into their territory, and Anderson said he knows they remember when they used to carry the Good Brothers’ bags.

He then listed the Good Brothers’ achievements and said they’re there to welcome them and invited FinJuice to join them after work.

Gallows said they can buy them some of their own whiskey, but Roberson said they aren’t Young Boys anymore and they’ve accomplished a few things to.

Finlay said they can buy the first drinks as long as Gallows ensures Anderson won’t get drunk before midnight and wake up in his own filth.

The four kept jawing back and forth without the mics as Gallows kept trying to calm Anderson.

Finding Swinger’s Palace

Rohit Raju and Mahabali Shera were at a bar and Rohit said he should be two time X-Division Champion, and he blamed Shera for costing him the match and Shera shoved Rohit into James Storm.

Storm told Rohit all he has to do is apologize and Storm will buy him a beer. Rohit refused so Storm broke a bottle over his head.

Shera stepped up, and Sabin told him they know all the bouncers and this is something Shera doesn’t want to do and Shera and Storm separated without incident.

Johnny Swinger came over to them and told them he has cheaper booze and entertainment and Storm told him he had them at cheap booze.

At Swinger’s Palace, James Storm and Chris Sabin looked excited to be there and joked with Swinger before they took their seat at the blackjack table and were handed beers.

Storm asked Alisha Edwards if she was a rapper, and he rapped while Sabin did a beat box.

Bahh came in with some money and said “Hit me!” and Sabin did, and Bahh said he meant the cards.

He busted and the Swingerellas showed him the door while Bahh said he’s been bamboozled.

Edwards tired to get Swinger to cut him a break and Bahh told him he’d pay for this.

Sabin and Storm said that place rocked and Impact Wrestling Results like where this is going.

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