Impact Wrestling Results (2/3) – The Good Brothers (Doc Gallows and Karl Anderson) Defeated XXXL (Larry D and Acey Romero) by Pinfall

The Good Brothers hit Larry with the Magic Killer for the win

Impact Wrestling results are ready for this; it’s going to be a fun match and we can’t wait to see how XXXL measures up to the Good Brothers and what the four of them come up with.

Anderson and Larry started it off, and Larry backed Anderson into the ropes in their first lockup. Anderson hit him with a kick and side headlock, but Larry threw him off the ropes and hit a shoulder block.

Anderson hit a kick to his leg, and Gallows back in and hit a fallaway slam on Larry D, then a splash and a right hand to drop Larry.

Anderson came in and nailed Larry with a right and an uppercut, then Gallows came in and Larry raked his eyes to tag in Romero.

Gallows ran through their double clothesline and hit XXXL with a clothesline but Romero didn’t go down.

Gallows backed Romero into their corner with a series of blows, and Anderson came in and hit two uppercuts before Larry caught him in the back with a knee off the ropes.

Romero nailed Anderson with a right and held him in the corner for Larry to come in and he nailed Anderson in the midsection with a series of blows, and a boot off the ropes.

Larry choked him out on the ropes, then hit a body slam before locking in a rear chin lock.

Anderson powered to his feet, but Larry hit him with a series of rights and came off the ropes and ate an uppercut.

Gallows came in and dropped Larry with a pair of clotheslines, then sent Romero to the floor with a big boot.

He nailed Larry with a couple of clotheslines, but ran into a boot, and Larry ran into a boot right afterwards.

Anderson knocked Romero off the apron with an elbow, and then they hit the Magic Killer and Anderson scored the pinfall on Larry.

New game in town

In Swinger’s Palace, James Storm and Chris Sabin were winning the house, causing Swinger to ask if this was the Montreal Screw Job.

Rohit Raju and Mahabali Shera came in and interrupted the game. Rohit got 21 to win their money and a argument between Storm and Rohit started but Sabin said he loves it there and doesn’t want to get kicked out.

Swinger said he’ll set up a match between Rohit and Storm to help keep things cool.

FinJuice roasts the Good Brothers

FinJuice were backstage when the Good Brothers came in to celebrate and asked if they saw them beat up everybody.

They told him they saw it, but it took them long enough.

Anderson pointed out they’re the best tag teams in the world.

FinJuice said they are the best in the world hungover, then left while Anderson asked if this was a roast and said he’s not hungover.

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