WWE Raw Results (2/15) – Charlotte Flair and Asuka vs. Lacey Evans w/Ric Flair and Peyton Royce Ended in No Contest

We think it was no contest, since Evans announcing her pregnancy ended it. Yep, It’s one of those storylines again.

WWE Raw Results returned as Evans headed to the ring and thanked Flair for getting herself disqualified so she can face Asuka for the Raw Women’s Championship.

She then mocked Flair and said she and Royce bought her a sweetheart candy that said “bite me” and that there were some that said “the queen” but she hates them, so she left them out.

Evans turned her attention to Asuka and said she’ll be giving her what she wants at the Elimination Chamber.

Charlotte Flair and Asuka Defeated Lacey Evans w/Ric Flair and Peyton Royce

Royce and Asuka started it off with a lockup and side headlock and take down by Asuka, and Royce using a head scissors to get free.

They then did the same exchange with their roles reversed.

Royce backed Asuka into a corner, then ran into a boot and an elbow when she charged in after breaking.

Royce rolled her out of the corner with an arm drag, and Asuka ran her over with a shoulder block off the ropes.

Asuka locked in an armbar and tagged in Flair. Flair threw Royce into Evans’ corner face first and demanded Evans, but Evans remained behind the ring post.

After a tie up and slip, Royce hit a couple of rights but Flair caught her in mid air and hit a fall away slam.

Asuka came in and she kicked Royce while Flair chopped her, but Royce hit a toe drag.

Asuka hit her with a few strikes and whipped her into the ropes, but Royce held on so Asuka’s kick missed and hit her own kick to drop Asuka.

Royce then mounted Asuka and hammered away before going for a pin attempt.

Evans’ secret weapon

Royce then hammered on Asuka’s shoulders and threw her into a corner where she kicked and stomped her down before hitting a suplex for a near pinfall.

Royce mocked Asuka, and they hit each other with a clothesline in the middle of the ring.

Evans didn’t look like she wanted to tag in, and Flair stopped Royce’s attempt and hit a fall away clam that sent Royce to the floor.

Flair slammed Royce’s head into the ring announce table, and Royce tagged in Evans.

Evans backed down the ring steps then backed away and told Flair she’s not going to put her hands on her and announced she’s pregnant.

Ric suddenly became excited and danced around like a proud father to be and that ended the match.

Ric danced his way up the ramp as Charlotte looked depressed and disbelieving in the ring.

And we’re back to these cheesy storylines. WWE Raw Results don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

Sheamus’ promise

WWE Raw Results were backstage when Sheamus was asked about how a win tonight will make him the favorite in the Elimination Chamber.

He said there shouldn’t be a Chamber match as he issued his challenge and McIntyre agreed, but the rules were changed.

He said he’s going to solve the problem by winning the gauntlet match and chilling in his pod while everyone one else beats the stuffing out of themselves.

He’ll come out and Brogue Kick every one of their heads off.

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