WWE Speculation – Will NBC Purchase the WWE?

With NBC’s Peacock streaming service adding the WWE network to it’s catalogue for a reported $1 billion over five years, rumors have spread about will NBC purchase the WWE?

It’s a reasonable question to speculate on when one looks at NBC in general and their vast array of specialized sports channels like the NBA Network, MLB Network, NFL Network, and NHL Network.

Add in their coverage of the Olympics and they’ve made sports more accessible to fans without or limited internet access, and this seems possible.

The problem is pretty much everyone doubts Vince McMahon will sell the WWE. Everyone but Jim Cornette, and he said it’s only a possibility in his opinion.


It’s been in his family for three generations and he’s built it from a regional promotion from the northeast United States into am international billion dollar corporation.

It’s a feat that’s earned Vince McMahon the right to be called a genius. However, he’s in his mid 70s and that’s raised concerns and thoughts of the future of the WWE when he passes.

It’s been long assumed/understood that Triple H and Stephanie McMahon will continue running the company when Vince has moved on, and many have high hopes for what Triple H can accomplish.

As great as all of Vince McMahon’s accomplishments are, Cornette pointed out that if he could see the WWE for more than say the UFC was sold or any other combat sports company he’d do it.

Even if it’s only $4 billion and $1 to put him ahead.

As Cornette pointed out, it’d give Vince a way to point at what he started with and what he grew it into. It’d give the next generation something to strive for.

Seen it before

There is a downside to this happening and we saw it when Turner Media bought WCW from Jim Crockett.

There have been many reports that the people in Turner Media didn’t know what to make of professional wrestling.

It’s a huge reason as to why Eric Bischoff and WCW eventually failed. Basically, people thought they knew more about wrestling then the people in the business.

One way to counter that would be if NBC would keep Triple H on.

Triple H could then run the whole operation as many expect him to do anyway, and it’d keep someone that knows the business in charge.

To that end, Dana White was kept on after he sold UFC, possibly for the above mentioned reason.

This is an interesting question and one that does open some speculation into what could be, but in the end it’s all nothing more than speculation.

We don’t expect Vince to ever sell, and we don’t think the WWE will be sold after he’s gone, but we could be wrong on one or both counts.

This is what makes speculating fun.

Do you think Vince will ever sell and will NBC purchase the WWE? Let us know if you think this is possible or not in the comments below.

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