Impact Wrestling Results (3/2) – The Good Brothers (Doc Gallows, Karl Anderson) and FinJuice (Juice Robinson, David Finlay) Defeated Reno Scum (Adam Thornstowe, Luster the Legend) and XXXL (Acey Romero, Larry D)

The Good Brothers hit their Magic Killer on Adam Thornstowe for the win

Impact Wrestling Results returned as Tony Kahn’s paid advertisement welcomed us back as they talked about the matches tomorrow and at the pay-per-view this weekend.

Tony Kahn gave a status update on the pro wrestling industry and AEW, New Japan, and Impact are a team against them, and before there was an AEW Impact led the fight.

He said he’s the captain now and he gave Don Callis his request for Revolution. He then added how Paul Wight will appear on AEW Dynamite tomorrow.

The Good Brothers (Doc Gallows, Karl Anderson) and FinJuice (Juice Robinson, David Finlay) vs. Reno Scum (Adam Thornstowe, Luster the Legend) and XXXL (Acey Romero, Larry D)

Impact Wrestling Results expects this to be a fun match with a whole lot of chaos as fights within the teams and outside the ring break out.

It’ll also be a fun way to see hot Reno Scum and XXXL measure up after their last matches and if they’re going to be more of a threat going forward.

Luster and Finlay started it off and Finlay locked in a side headlock, and Luster reversed it into his own, then was caught with a dropkick.

Robinson came in for a couple of shots, and so did Larry D, and Robinson tagged in Anderson.

Anderson hit a couple of punched and Gallows came in and they hit a double reverse elbow.

Gallows tagged in Robinson, and they hit a tandem clothesline, and went back to tag in Gallows without covering Larry.

Gallows and Anderson whipped Romero into a corner, and Anderson hit a kick and Gallows a splash and tagged in Finlay.

Romero caught Finlay with an elbow and Thornstowe came in and kicked Finlay down. Finlay slipped out of a suplex attempt and hit a backbreaker to get some space.

Disappointing finish

Gallows came in and dropped everyone with kicked and hit Thornstowe with a shoulder block off the ropes and Anderson came in for the Magic Killer, but they started jawing with FinJuice.

Thornstowe took advantage and rolled up Anderson, but he kicked out and the Good Brothers hit the Magic Killer for the win.

As we expected, this was more of a measuring against the other team match than anything, and that left us feeling that we wanted more.

Granted, the outcome was a foregone conclusion, and this did build some hype for their eventual showdown for the Impact Tag Team Championship, but it was too WWE for out liking.

Backstage, the winners argued that the Good Brother almost lost the match thanks to their showboating, and the Good brothers told them they won because of their teamwork.

FinJuice said they should have the Impact titles and Gallows said they’ll do it at Sacrifice and then we’ll see who’s the best team. This should be a great match and all will be forgiven then.

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