Impact Wrestling Results (3/23) – Karl Anderson w/Doc Gallows Defeated Eddie Edwards by Pinfall

Anderson hit a spinebuster for the win

Impact Wrestling Results expect this to be an awesomely brutal match.

The match started off with a lockup and a go behind by Edwards and Anderson locked in an armbar and then a headlock, but Edwards reversed the headlock into a take over.

Anderson tried to roll Edward over for a pin attempt and then got to his feet and raked Edwards’ eyes.

Edwards hit an inverted atomic drop and a belly to belly and clothesline to send Anderson to the floor.

Edwards hit a crossbody on the Good Brothers to send us to the commercial break.

Back and forth

Back from commercial, they’re back in the ring with Edwards hitting a headbutt and chopping Anderson and then slamming him in another turnbuckle.

Edwards blocked a whip and caught Anderson with a reverse elbow and headed to the top rope, but Gallows made him hesitate and Anderson knocked Edwards ont the apron and floor.

Anderson followed him out and slammed Edwards into the ring post and then the other before he rolled into the rig to break the count.

Anderson threw him into the ring for a pin attempt, and Anderson worked on Edwards’ face and ground his elbows into Edwards’ face before throwing him into the opposite corner.

Anderson then choked him out on the bottom rope, and Edwards fought back but Anderson snapmared him over and hit an elbow before locking in a rear chin lock.

Edwards got to hit feet and hit some rights but Anderson slammed him to the mat.

Anderson raked his eyes with his boot laces and whipped Edwards into the ropes and he hit Edwards with an elbow for a pin attempt.

Anderson then stomped on Edwards’ left arm, and Edwards hit a shoulder and a right, then a headbutt. Anderson stopped him with a kick and a clothesline for a pin attempt.

Anderson then slapped on a rear chin lock to grind Edwards down.

Edwards got to his feet and fought free, and Anderson hit with an uppercut to stop him, then whipped him into the corner but Edwards came out with a clothesline and axhandle.

Edwards hit a face slam and then ran into a boot in the corner. Edwards hit a step up kick in the corner and followed it with a backpack stunner for a near pinfall.

Stealing one

Edwards went for a tiger driver but Anderson reversed out of it and hit a forearm, and Edwards hit a forearm of his own and caught Anderson off the ropes with a Blue Thunder Bomb for a near pinfall.

They exchanged forearms in the middle of the ring with Edwards gaining the upper hand but Anderson caught him with a European Upper cut and a Claymore type of kick for a near pinfall.

Anderson went for the Gun Stun but Edwards hit an elbow, then knocked Gallows off the apron.

Edwards rolled Anderson up, but Anderson kicked out and Edwards ran into a chair Gallows held up. Anderson hit a spinebuster for the win.

This was everything we expected, and they stole a win so everything is right in the Good Brothers’ universe.

FinJuice appeared on the screen and ran down their recent wins since they defeated the Good Brothers and rubbed salt in their wounds.

Finlay said for them not to worry because they have their rematch, but they may even have a couple of friends for them.

This seems ominous for the Good Brothers and they didn’t look too happy about it.

We enjoyed the show as it had a good mix of matches and promos, and we’re stoked for next week already.

What did you think of it? Let us know in the comment below and thank you for joining Impact Wrestling Results tonight. We had a great time and can’t wait to see you all next week

See you then!

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