Impact Wrestling Results (3/30) – Sami Callihan Defeated Larry D w/Acey Romero by Pinfall

Callihan hit a piledriver through the ropes for the win

Impact Wrestling Results expect this to be a fun one just to see what Callihan has up his sleeve.

Callihan caught Larry with a kick off the bat and they exchanged rights before Larry hit with a shoulder of the ropes and then missed with a splash.

Callihan hit with a series of knees to the ribs and Larry rolled to the floor.

Callihan caught Larry with a right off the middle rope with Larry on the apron, and then tried a suicide dive.

Larry caught him and drove him back into the ring apron. Larry hit him with a series of rights, then suplexed him onto the apron and shoved him into the ring as we headed to commercial.

Back from commercial, Larry threw Callihan through the ropes and to the floor and followed him out.

Larry hit a right, and followed Callihan around the ring and Callihan caught him with a couple of kicks and then pocked him in the eyes.

Larry hit a handful of rights and lefts, then mocked Callihan’s thumbs up or thumbs down and kept hammering him.

Passing the test

Larry threw Callihan into the ring stomped Callihan, and sent for a slam but Callihan slipped free.

They exchanged clotheslines and Callihan nailed several slaps but ate a big clothesline and Larry followed it with a splash for a near pinfall.

Larry hit a couple of short clotheslines and Callihan wanted more. Callihan ducked his third attempt and hit a right. Callihan then hit a Death Valley Driver for a near pinfall.

Larry rolled to the ring apron and Callihan followed him and sent for a piledriver but Larry blocked it and hit some shoulders and hit a right.

They exchanged rights and Larry hit a headbutt and put Callihan in a fireman’s carry but Callihan slipped free and dug into Larry’s eyes.

Larry missed a shoulder and Callihan kicked him then his a piledriver through the ropes.

Acey Romero attacked Callihan from behind and hit a sidewalk slam. Romero collected Larry and they left the ring, and no Trey Miguel came to help.

In the ring, Callihan was smiling and mock clapped them giving the impression Trey passed a test.

Friendly ribbing

A clip played showing the Impact Tag Team Champions FinJuice in action in New Japan Pro Wrestling played.

Don Callis, Kenny Omega, and The Good Brothers watched from backstage and Callis and Omega said they were impressive.

The Good Brothers disagreed, and after a short poking fun Callis pointed out they’re not themselves and how it’s the wrestling business not the friend business.

Omega whispered something to Callis while Anderson blamed Gallows for losing the titles despite getting pinned himself, a point Gallows pointed out.

Callis shared the idea with the Good Brothers and they headed out to implement whatever the plan was.

Callihan’s offer

Backstage, Callihan told Trey he saved him last week, the told Trey to chill and he’s not there to fight.

He told Trey he didn’t blame him for not returning the favor and after a brief shouting match Callihan said he’s not the bad guy.

He said he saw the lack of passion in his eyes and said he pushed him as long as he can harness his anger.

Callihan told him to give him one chance to be his mentor and carry Impact Wrestling into the future.

Trey asked him why he thinks he cares, and Callihan said he’ll set up a tag match against XXXL and Trey said no. So, Callihan gave him a week to think it over.

This may be slightly out of the box, but Impact Wrestling Results think they’d be a great team. What do you all think?

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