Is Adam Page Going To Help The Young Bucks

The final segment of Being the Elite felt huge for the long term storytelling of Hangman officially leaving the Elite. One of the longest stories told in All Elite Wrestling is Hangman leaving the Elite. The fact that he wanted to leave early on and then ended up in a tag team with Kenny Omega was told through TV.

There were a lot more layers to this story told through BTE. This with him arguing with the Elite weekly saying that he is underrated and not talked about as a member of the Elite faction. 

If you have just starting watching Being the Elite 

If you have just started to watch Being the Elite, it was greatly told through flashbacks in the latest episode. If you’re still confused on Being the Elite. It was hinted that Hangman wouldn’t leave and would get back in touch with the Young Bucks.

Then in a drunken segment of Brandon Cutler he lost his phone. Then someone took the phone which was never explained which a lot of us forgot about. This turned out to be Matt Hardy who was trying to hire Hangman and get his money for even longer than originally thought.

This was some great story telling through these Being the Elite episodes. It does nearly make these Being the Elite episodes, a must watch for that extra layer of content for this upcoming feud. Although you may want to skip the dick jokes. 

Is this a hint to Hangman joining the Young Bucks? 

In the end of the latest episode of Being the Elite. It showed Matt Jackson finding out that Hangman never sent the last text that he was done in the Elite. This turned out to be Matt Hardy, so Matt Jackson went to find Adam Page.

He walked up to the Dark Order hangout and saw Hangman with them having fun and decided not to go in to speak to Hangman. This feels like it is the start of a much bigger story. That will hopefully be told through the weekly episode in Dynamite in the coming months.  

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