Kurt Angle Relives The Moment In Which His Olympic Gold Medal Was Stolen

Kurt Angle has opened up on a shocking story in which his Olympic Gold was stolen to cloud what was a historic moment in his career.

Kurt Angle Relives The Moment In Which His Olympic Gold Medal Was Stolen

During a conversation on his podcast, The Kurt Angle Show, he revealed the circumstances in which the medal was swiped. It had happened, at a time, when Kurt was giving back to his supporters. He said: “When I started, I used my gold medal and I used it religiously. I also had about 15 other gold medals, the one real gold medal had green material on it.

“Then what happened was after I debuted I was in Baltimore at a show, I went outside and there were about 5000 fans waiting there. They’re going to want my autograph so I put my bag down to sign autographs and my gold medal was in it, one of the fans stole it.”

No to worry though, Kurt managed to recover the prized possession. And he never forgot the fan who helped him out even to this day. On another day ,though, things could have been a whole lot different. He added: “Someone stole my gold medal.

“Thank god a fan called that fan that stole it on their cell phone and said ‘That bag didn’t have t-shirts or merchandise in it, it had Kurt’s real gold medal, you need to bring it back.’ The fan brought it back and he said he found it around the corner next to a bus, like whatever but thanks for bringing it back.”

In an attempt to avoid this from happening again, Kurt resorted to drastic measures. He convinced Vince McMahon to create a replica which would then be used as part of his character. He continued: “Vince McMahon decided to make three duplicates that looked exactly like the gold medal. They weren’t gold, but they were made out of medal. I used those and two of them got stolen.

Whenever I would have my match I would go out to the ring, take my medal off, place it on the mat or steps and wrestle my match and one of the fans hopped over and grabbed the medal and hopped back and ran away. 

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