Maki Rejects The Dark Order Offer.

In the recent Being the Elite episodes, it looked like Maki was going to join the Dark Order. This after Anna’s injury and ever since has not appeared on the Dark Order segments. She has been mentioned with the Dark Order, saying that they miss her.

In the latest Being the Elite, we saw the Dark Order ask Maki if she wanted to join. Maki did turn them down with her signature catchphrase. Saying that she’s returning to Japan.

Something else to take away from this segment.

One thing that might have just been a throw-away line in Being the Elite. It also could be a hint into what is happening in the Dark Order. It was mentioned that the Dark Order hasn’t recruited anyone new since Colt Cabana.

This does seem to hint Hangman isn’t currently part of Dark Order. What will now happen between Hangman and Dark Order is unknown, but it currently doesn’t look like Dark Order have currently gained Hangman into his ranks.

We could see more in the coming episode to see if Hangman will come out with the Dark Order for John Silver’s match with Darby Allin for the TNT championship.

Will we see the return of Anna soon?

Although Anna Jay is currently injured and could be out for a while, that doesn’t mean she can’t return as part of the Dark Order and not wrestle. She has appeared on Sammy’s Vlog since the injury.

This does make it feel like she could be returning to the Dark Order segments in Being the Elite and hopefully on TV. It’s still pretty recent since her injury, and at the moment, the focus may be more on recovery rather than being a TV character.

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