The Young Bucks Turn Corporate And Remember Their Golden NJPW Days.

In a recent episode of Dynamite, the invisible hand Don Callis mentioned that the Young Bucks have lost their touch and are not who they were back in NJPW.

This resembles how they brought back the Good Brother into what they’re now calling the Super Elite. Making Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson remember the good old days with Kenny Omega in NJPW made them join in his crusade.

In the episode, it doesn’t look like the Young Bucks will be joining Kenny anytime soon. After this segment, the Young Bucks looked to save Jon Moxley and not too sweet Kenny Omega. This looks to be the start of the feud between Kenny Omega and The Good Brothers.

In Being The Elite

In the new episode of Being the Elite, this looked to be shown through Matt Jackson wearing a suit. This seeming like this will be the classic corporate guy in films.

It looks like this will be the first step into a complex storyline of the Young Bucks not in their prime anymore. Then turning more corporate and not being the old school heel Bucks of the NJPW Bullet Club era.

It seems like the Young Bucks have confirmed that they’re not joining Kenny Omega in the episode. The new segment of Being the Elite looks to be there is a lot more to the story.

What next for the Young Bucks and Kenny’s story?

It looks like the story is going to be evolving for a while. It won’t be in the next PPV due to the feud between the Young Bucks and Death Triangle. This does make it feel like it will be a very long story that might affect the current match at the next PPV but should most likely last until the PPV after 30th May 2021.

Unless the Young Bucks change their mind and join Kenny Omega. If this doesn’t happen, it looks like the Young Bucks will be joined by Hangman Adam Page, and the match will be Kenny Omega and the Good Brothers Vs. The Young Bucks and Hangman Adam Page.

This igniting the feud between Kenny Omega and Hangman, bringing him back into the Elite. We still have a lot of the story to be told here, and it’s going to be about four months before we see a conclusion.

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