Former ROH World Champion PCO Wants Ring Of Honor To Run Massive Show In Canada

Ever since returning to action following a hiatus when the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world hard, Ring Of Honor has been doing their best to rebuild good will with fans. Solid weekly TV offerings and two fantastic PPV events in Final Battle 2020 and 19th Anniversary just last month are a great first step, and hopefully once things normalize and fans are let back in, they start pulling in strong attendance again from fans. However, former ROH World Champion PCO has lofty dreams for a show in Canada.

PCO Wants To Run A 80k Fan Show In Canada With ROH

At 53 years old, even PCO knows he doesn’t have that much left in his tank. He isn’t having issues with the crazy bumps he takes, but father time comes for us all. During an interview with WrestlingInc managing editor Nick Hausman, he’d mention a few goals he had in mind before retirement. “It’s not that I want to stretch my time, but I need to accomplish those things that I always wanted to accomplish. And I did accomplish a lot the last two or three years. I’m maybe one or two goals away before retiring. I was hoping to leave the business on a great run, on packed houses.”

When asked to elaborate on what “I know I want to sell out the Olympic Stadium. It’s about 80,000 people in Montreal. Those things are pretty big, and that’s what I wanted to do before I really retired. We’ll see. I got my ideas on how to accomplish that. We sold out with New Japan Pro Wrestling and Ring of Honor, the Madison Square Garden, in about 20 minutes. All the fanbase there, you can send them first. My thinking is that if we can sell those 20,000 or 25,000 seats around the ring. Let’s say in a couple of days or a couple of hours, people coming from Boston, New York, Vermont, just the northeast, plus Quebec is big too. Six, seven hours away that they can come with their car. The rest of the tickets, 20 dollars apiece, or 25 dollars, big tailgate party.”

A Few Small Issues

When it comes to a show like this, it’s not exactly feasible. Olympic Stadium could only hold that many fans if it was a giant house show for one, not having the room for the fans and broadcasting equipment. Secondly, it’d take a major build to make this happen. He’d mention working with NJPW again like what happened with All In or Madison Square Garden, but even those events didn’t pull in near what his goal is.

Add in that ROH wasn’t even drawing 1000 fans pre-pandemic, and even a 2023 goal is lofty. It will not be easy for a show like this to be done, but that doesn’t mean fans wouldn’t want to see it happen. Having any promotion not named WWE come together for a superhow is something many want to see happen, with Kazuchika Okada of NJPW also expressing interest. It’d be a sight to behold, and PCO now joins this vision.

Do you think we’ll ever see a show of this scale done by someone not named WWE? What would you want to see in the main event slot of a show this big? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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