Impact Wrestling Hardcore Justice Preview (4/10) – Number 1 Contender Knockouts Weapons Match – Alisha Edwards vs. Rosemary vs. Havok vs. Tenille Dashwood vs. Susan vs. Jordynne Grace; 3 Way Tag Ace Austin (and Madman Fulton?) vs. TJP and Fallah Bahh vs. Josh Alexander and ?

This is going to be a fun match and Impact Wrestling Hardcore Justice Preview can’t wait to see the mayhem unfold.

There are plenty of possible outcomes we could see, including Alisha and Tenille coming out victorious as they’ll be able to use weapons since, well, weapons are legal.

But despite the push they’ve been getting lately we don’t think they’ll be more than a nuisance for most of the match.

Havok is awesome in these matches and we think her and Rosemary will give us some awesome hardcore moments before it’s over. Both are a natural pick to win, as is Jordynne Grace.

So, we’re going to think outside the box here and throw the X-Factor into play.

Susan has shown glimpses of Su Yung returning and none more so than after getting her bell rung by Jazz.

Will Su Yung return to reclaim her feud and title from Deonna Purrazzo at Rebellion? It’d be a cool story, but we don’t see it. Not yet, anyway.

We think it’ll come down to Rosemary and Grace as Nevaeh will probably remove Havok from the equation since there are no disqualifications.

Out of the two of them, we think Rosemary is the most likely winner simply because it feels right.

As much as the potential Knockouts Championship match between Grace and Jazz excites us, we don’t think it’ll happen.

Who do you think will come out on top and challenge the Knockouts Champion at Rebellion?


3 Way Tag Ace Austin (and Madman Fulton?) vs. TJP and Fallah Bahh vs. Josh Alexander and ?

This is going to be a fun match as the three men will be looking for partners. There’s some healthy mystery here as well as certainty.

It’s safe to assume that Ace Austin will team with Madman Fulton, and as of Friday morning, TJP recruited his old partner Fallah Bahh.

The lone on that’s leaving us wondering who his partner will be and if someone new has signed or will come over from AEW is Josh Alexander.

It looks like he’s hinting at it being a Canadian, and it could be any number of awesome former wrestlers from Impact Wrestling’s history of maybe someone from AEW will join him.

In this case, we’re thinking it’ll be Ethan Page since the duo didn’t really have a final tag match together to send Page off in style.

Given what Page said about Impact’s creative team it’s doubtful, but with AEW and Impact Wrestling working together it’s definitely possible.

Who do you think will be Alexander’s partner? Let Impact Wrestling Hardcore Justice Preview know in the comments below.

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