Impact Wrestling Rebellion Results (4/25) – Last Man Standing Match – Trey Miguel Outsmarted Sami Callihan for the Win

This is going to be a brutal match and Impact Wrestling Rebellion Results are stoked for it.

Trey hit a couple of dropkick to start off, and Callihan caught Trey’s third attempt and body slammed him over the top rope to the floor.

Callihan followed him to the floor, and hit another body slam on the floor.

Callihan grabbed him and went for another slam but Trey slipped free and pushed Callihan toward the ring post.

Callihan blocked it and threw Trey into the ring post, and Trey dropped Callihan with a slam and then threw Callihan into the guardrails with a hurricanrana.

Trey missed a suicide dive and went head first into the railing when Callihan sidestepped him.

Callihan hit with a chop, and then threw Trey over the railing. He went after Trey and sat him against the railing and pulled out an equipment box and tried to ram it into Trey but Trey crawled out of the way.

Callihan’s twisted imagination

Trey went for a hurricanrana and Callihan caught him and power bombed him onto the equipment box.

Callihan opened the box and pulled out a wrench, then grabbed a chain and whipped Try with the chain.

Trey grabbed Callihan’s lower jaw, and Callihan hit him with a right, then shoved a wrench into Trey’s mouth, widening his smile.

Callihan grabbed some chairs from under the ring and threw them into the ring while Trey pulled himself up at 8.

Callihan told him to catch and threw a chair at Trey, knocking him down again. Callihan pulled a table out and slid it into the ring.

Callihan threw Trey into the ring and casually followed him in, looking pleased with himself.

Callihan then slammed Trey face first into a chair and picked up the wrench, but missed his strike with Trey’s head on a chair.

Trey hit a scorpion kick and slammed Callihan into the chairs. Trey set a chair up in the ropes, then set up the table, ignoring Callihan’s plea.

They each tried to suplex the other onto the underside of the table with the legs up, and Callihan body slammed him onto the nearest legs, leaving him draped over them.

Callihan threw another chair into Trey’s face, then positioned the table, bottom side up. He put Trey on the top rope and threw another chair at him, then turned the table right side up.

Callihan climbed the ropes, and hit a piledriver onto the table and the table did not break, but its legs broke and bent.

Slip out the back

Trey rolled to the floor but onto his feet, and Callihan followed him and grabbed the ring steps. He then pulled another table out from under the ring and set it up.

Callihan climbed onto the ring apron and pulled Trey up, but Trey stuck his thumb in Callihan’s eyes.

Callihan grabbed a handful of Trey’s junk, then hit a piledriver on the side of the ring steps. He tucked Trey under the steps and sat on them.

Trey had slipped under the ring from under the steps, and hit a cutter on Callihan through the table.

Trey got to his feet and Callihan slipped at the last second for the win. This was one of the most entertaining matched for Impact Wrestling Rebellion Results as it had a little of everything.

We didn’t expect Trey to pull it out, but we’re glad he proved us wrong

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