Impact Wrestling Rebellion Results (4/25) – Title vs. Title Match – AEW World Champion Kenny Omega w/Don Callis and The Good Brothers (Karl Anderson, Doc Gallows) Defeated Impact World Champion Rich Swann w/Eddie Edwards and Willie Mack by Pinfall to Retain the AEW World Championship and Win the Impact World Championship

And here we are, the match we’ve all been waiting months for and Impact Wrestling Rebellion Results are all set. Let’s get to the match with Mauro Renallo joining the announce team.

Renallo started it off with a flair on the introductions when he referred to “the not-so Invisible Hand” Don Callis.

We’re rolling with two referees tonight, one from Impact and one from AEW. That alone should be interesting.

They circled each other before locking up and Omega locking in a wrist lock and fanning Swann’s head.

Swann reversed it and Omega switched to a headlock, then hit a shoulder block off the ropes.

Omega slapped on another headlock and then slapped him before ducking into the ropes to avoid Swann.

Omega wanted a test of strength, but Swann hit with a kick and they exchanged head locks and somersaults before Swann sent him to the floor with a dropkick, then another through the ropes.

Swann hit a Phoenix Splash off the top rope to the floor, and hit with a chop, then threw Omega into the ring.

Swann hit another chop and a right, then a snapmare and a kick to Omega’s back, followed by another one.

Swann went for a rolling splash but Omega got his knees up to counter it, and then hit a reverse suplex and Swann and Omega headed to the floor.

Omega dropped Swann on the ring apron, and the tried another but Swann blocked it and elbowed his way out of the hold, and hit with a kick.

No quit in them

Omega sent Swann onto the apron, but Swann landed on a handstand and he hit his head. Omega hit a buckle bomb and a shoulder breaker for a pin attempt, then two more pin attempts.

Omega then locked in a neck lock to work Swann’s injured neck but Swann grabbed the rope to break the hold.

Omega hit with an elbow to the back of Swann’s neck and then hit a chop before he choked Swann out with his foot. Omega hit a backbreaker and locked in a bow and arrow and then a pin attempt.

Omega hit a stomp then a couple of knee drops to Swann’s back, and then hit a forearm for good measure.

Omega threw Swann into the ropes and hit another forearm in his back, and then a chop before Swann caught him with an elbow.

Swann hit a series of forearms, and hit a step over mule kick and frog splash for a near pinfall.

Omega hit a series of strikes and chops, but his axhandles didn’t have any effect and Swann fired back with some of his own chops.

Omega hit a series of forearms, but Swann hit a clothesline and then a leg scissors.

Omega hit a kick and headed to the top rope, btu Swann hit a step up kick and a Frankensteiner for a near pinfall.

Swann headed to the top rope, but Omega caught him with a right and threw him to the mat.

Omega then headed to the top rope, and Swann caught him but Omega hit a couple of chops and headbutts before he went for a power bomb but Swann blocked it and dropped Omega on his head.

Swann headed to the top rope again and hit a frog splash for a near pinfall.

Swann hit a series of jabs, but Omega blocked his kick and hit a boot and then a gutwrench into a bomb for a near pinfall.

Omega hit a V Trigger and he went for a One Winged Angel, but Swann escaped. Omega hit him with a spinning kick.

Omega hit another V Trigger in the corner and put Swann on the top rope and went for a One Winged Angel from the top rope.

Swann slipped free and rolled Omega up for a pin attempt.

Swann hit a right and discus chop, but Omega hit a V Trigger and Snap Dragon Suplex. Omega hit another Snap Dragon Suplex, but Swann blocked his third attempt and hit a cutter.

Swann spring off the ropes an Omega pulled Hebner into the way for a spring board cutter, and then hit a clothesline.

Omega grabbed a steel chair while Aubrey Edwards check on Hebner. She grabbed the chair from Omega, and while she argued with Callis Swann hit a somersault cutter for a pin attempt.

Omega countered the pin by rolling Swann over for a pin attempt.

A few too many V Triggers

Swann dodged another V Trigger and hit a Mishinoku Driver for a near pinfall.

Swann hit with a kick to Omega’s face and headed to the top rope.

Swann missed a Phoenix Splash and Omega hit a V Trigger. Omega hit an electric chair into a bridge suplex, and J Driller for a near pinfall.

Omega hit with another couple of V Triggers, but Swann ducked hit third attempt and Omega put him on the ropes to taunt Edwards and Mack.

Omega hit another V Trigger and pulled Swann into the ring. Swann hit some rights and lefts, but Omega hit another knee.

Swann hit a suplex to buy some time, then headed to the top rope and missed a Phoenix Splash.

Omega hit yet another V Trigger and then hit a One Winged Angel for the win.

This was a rough match that was similar to Swann and Moose’s match. It really shows Swann’s heart, but it felt like they were trying too hard.

The dozen or so V Triggers was a bit much for us, but congratulations to Kenny Omega.

What did you all think of the match and night? Let us know in the comments below.

Thank you for joining Impact Wrestling Rebellion Results. We had a great time and can’t wait to see you all next week.

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