Impact Wrestling Results (4/15) – Josh Alexander Outmaneuvered TJP to Win by Pinfall via a Divine Intervention

Impact Wrestling Results returned as they started off with a lockup and Josh backed TJP into a corner before they broke and they locked up in a knuckle lock.

TJP took Josh down with a body scissors, then tried to force Josh’s body down for a pin attempt, but Josh powered out and they exchanged a couple of roll ups.

Josh locked in a head lock and TJP sent him into the ropes and Josh hit with a shoulder block and TJP hit with an arm drag when they continued.

Josh locked in a head scissors and TJP slipped out and rolled it into leg lock and into an armbar.

Josh tried to pull him out of it, but TJP countered it to keep it locked in.

TJP ran into an elbow, then brushed aside Josh’s boot and rolled him up off the ropes for a pin attempt, and Josh rolled him up, then hit a release German suplex.

Josh kicked away on TJP and tried to suplex him over the ropes, but TJP reversed it into an octopus but Josh fought out and put TJP in an electric chair and dropped him.

Josh locked in an ankle lock but TJP made it to the ropes. Josh then threw him into a corner and stomped TJP down.

Josh wrapped TJP’s left leg in the ropes, then hammered him down.

Josh sent him into a corner but TJP caught him with a boot, but Josh locked in a Gordy special on his next attempt.

TJP got loose and sent Josh into the ropes, but he missed a swing kick and Josh locked in an ankle lock on the apron but was forced to break it.

Josh tried to hit a dropkick, but TJP locked in a triangle and pulled Josh to the floor.

Josh slammed him into the ring apron to break the hold, then broke the ref’s count and hit TJP with a slap before rolling him onto the ring apron.

Josh put him in a fireman’s carry and headed to the top rope.

One final reversal

TJP fought loose and hit a superplex TJP rolled through for an octopus attempt, but Josh countered it into an ankle lock and TJP made it to the ropes to break the hold.

Josh hit a right and a forearm, but TJP reversed positions and hit a series of strikes and a kick to the head, then used a boot wash on Alexander before hitting a running boot.

Josh countered a detonation kick but TJP rolled him into an armbar. Josh rolled into an ankle lock, and TJP re-countered it into an armbar and hit a couple of kicks.

Josh rolled into an ankle lock, and TJP countered with a knee bar, then worked it into a full body lock but Josh made it to the ropes to break the hold.

Josh hammered on TJP but TJP held onto his wrist, and TJP hit a kick, blocked Josh’s kick into a reverse suplex.

Josh avoided the Mamba Splash and locked in an ankle lock. TJP tired a step up kick, but Josh countered.

TJP locked in a triangle, but Josh reversed it and hit a backbreaker power bomb and then a Divine Intervention for the win.

This was an awesome match with technical wrestling at it’s best. Impact Wrestling Results never get tired of watching these two go at it.

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