Impact Wrestling Results (4/15) – Pick Your Poison Match – Brian Myers and Matt Cardona – Brian Myers Defeated Jake Something by Pinfall via Roster Cut, Sami Callihan Defeated Matt Cardona by Pinfall vie a Package Piledriver

Impact Wrestling Results love this stipulation and we can’t wait to see who they pick to face each other.

When Cardona came out, he introduced Jake Something to face Myers.

Brian Myers vs. Jake Something

Jake threw Myers down out of their initial lockup, but Myers hit a series of kicks.

Jake reversed the whip into the ropes and hit Myers with a tackle, then a clubbing blow for a pin attempt.

Jake threw him into a corner and then hit a right for a pin attempt.

Myers hit a kick, then came off the roped into a couple of axhandles by Jake.

Jack hit a running shoulder in the corner, but Myers slipped free off the ropes and headed to the floor, then into the ring before he caught Jake with the Roster Cut as he came into the ring.

This was a decent match but not too surprising for Impact Wrestling Results. It’s great to see Jake getting more chances and growing with each match.

Sami Callihan vs. Matt Cardona

Impact Wrestling Results didn’t have to wait long for Brian Myers’ choice as Myers thanked Cardona for the match, the said it’s hard to see in the dark.

Sami Callihan then appeared behind Cardona and he nailed Cardona as we headed to commercial.

We returned from commercial with Sami mauling Cardona on the floor before rolling him into the ring to get the match started.

Once the bell rang, Sami turned around and Cardona hit a double knee for a near pinfall.

Cardona tried to pick Sami up a couple of times, but Sami refused, then hit with a clothesline and then an elbow, but Cardona hammered away after reversing their position in the corner.

Cardona hit a dropkick through the ropes and then a suplex on the floor, then hit Sami with a couple of rights before Sami raked his eyes.

Cardona ducked Sami’s chop and Sami chopped the ring post, and Cardona hit a Russian leg sweep to send Sami into the railing and then threw Sami into the ring.

Sami missed a clothesline, but ducked and pulled the roped down to send Cardona to the floor.

Sami headed to the floor and hit a couple of kicks, then tried to suplex Cardona on a steel chair. Cardona tried to reverse it, and Sami bit his hand and they exchanged rights.

Cardona threw Sami into eh railing and broke the ref’s count, but ate a forearm for his efforts.

The pair exchanged rights again, and Sami hit an exploder on the floor as we headed to commercial.

Callihan’s tricks

Impact Wrestling Results returned from commercial, they’re in the ring with Sami in control with a rear chin lock and an knee to the back and then another rear chin lock.

Cardon got to his feet and hit a couple of elbows, and they exchanged blows again before Cardona hit a jumping forearm and Sami followed that by hitting Cardona with a clothesline off the ropes.

Sami then ran into a double knee in the corner, and Cardona hit a missile dropkick.

Cardona hit an elbow and a running boot for a near pinfall. Cardona hit another running boot in the ropes, then a twisting elbow for a near pinfall.

Cardona readied to strike, but Sami countered Radio Silence with a power bomb, and Cardona countered Sami’s piledriver with a rollup pin attempt.

Sami pulled Cardona up but Cardona hit a right and ran into a boot. He then caught Sami with a forearm on the top rope and hit a hurricanrana.

Sami pulled the ref between them and stuck a thumb in Cardona’s eyes so he could hit a package piledriver for the win.

This was a great match and Cardona’s best match since joining Impact Wrestling.

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