Impact Wrestling Results (4/15) – Sami Callihan is Looking for some gratitude from Trey Miguel

Impact Wrestling Results were surprised that Sami remained in the ring afterwards, but we really should learn by now to expect things like this.

With Cardona gone to the back and alone in the ring, Sami said he just took care of that piece of trash and he’s onto bigger, better, and more important things. He told Trey Miquel to get out there.

Trey came out and entered the ring as Sami said he’s not calling him out to fight. He told Trey he’s proud of what he did at Hardcore Justice. He showed the definition of passion.

Trey told him he didn’t need Sami to validate his passion as what he did was the right thing. He then pointed out he didn’t do what he did last week to help Sami.

Sami accepted that, then asked if it didn’t feel good to give into that rage. He added a temper is true power when harnessed the proper way and he said he can mentor and teach Trey to properly use that rage.

Sami told him to do what’s right and shake his hand to join forces so they can take over everything.

Sami doesn’t like hearing no

Trey told him absolutely not.

Sami then told him he should be showing him some gratitude for Hardcore Justice, and because of him Trey got into the main event.

He said VBD would’ve taken out the entire team, and he took out Dreamer for Trey.

Instead of being grateful, Trey attacked him and Sami caught him with a kick to the groin.

Sami then hit a clothesline for good measure and left the ring, but Trey shouted a challenge to Sami, so Sami grabbed a chair and nailed him.

Sami threw the chair into the ring and it accidentally hit Trey. Sami set the chair up threw Trey into the chair with an exploder and the chair was bent every which way.

Sami reached the top of the ramp and winked at Trey as Trey fought to his feet.

Impact Wrestling Results wonders if this changed things for Edwards and company for Rebellion?

If nothing else, Sami’s attack on Dreamer will make him a marked man going forward, and we already know he and Eric Young see eye to eye so he could have some backup.

On the plus side, there is one more show before the pay-per-view and anything can happen.

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