Impact Wrestling Results (4/22) – BTI (Before The Impact) – Petey Williams w/Josh Alexander Defeated Fallah Bahh w/TJP (pin) and Madman Fulton w/Ace Austin

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It looks like we’re going to have an awesome show tonight as it’s the Go Home episode for Rebellion.

There’s tons of ground to cover, so let’s get to the action.

BTI (Before The Impact) – Petey Williams w/Josh Alexander vs. Fallah Bahh w/TJP vs. Madman Fulton w/Ace Austin

This has the makings of a fun, exciting match with the mix of skillsets in the ring as well as the tension among the three men on the floor as they ready to meet on Sunday for the X-Division Championship.

Fulton and Bahh stared each other down while Williams chopped both of them but they ignored him until he came off the ropes and they hit with a double shoulder block and Williams rolled to the floor.

Bahh and Fulton exchanged a series of shoulder blocks without any effect, but on the fifth one Bahh followed it with a clothesline to send Fulton to the floor as we headed to commercial.

Back from commercial, they were back in the ring and Fulton kicked and pounded on Bahh in a corner, followed by a trio of shoulders and another right.

Odd man out

Fulton charged Williams but Missed and Bahh hit Fulton with a splash. Willian hit both of them without any effect, and Bahh threw him into Fulton twice for shoulders, then hit one of his own.

Williams climbed over Bahh’s back and hammered Fulton. Williams then “helped” Bahh into the corner but Fulton sidestepped it a Bahh hit the ring post and headed to the floor.

Fulton hit Williams with a tilt the while slam and a pair of diving headbutts for a near pinfall.

Williams hit a couple of rights, and Fulton grabbed him and slammed him in the corner several times before knocking Bahh to the floor with a knee.

Fulton then climbed the ropes and pulled Williams up in a chokehold before letting him drop, then then he choked Williams out on the bottom rope.

Fulton knocked Bahh off the apron again, then nailed Williams in the midsection and then with a right before he slapped on a sleeper type of hold.

Williams’ grabbed Fulton’s hair to break the hold then hit a couple of rights, but Fulton hit a big boot for a pin attempt, and he then knocked Bahh off the apron again and told him to stay down.

Williams hit a jawbreaker and then a series of rights, kicks, and chops before coming off the ropes. Fulton caught him and flipped him around a few times before hitting a roll over front slam and locked in a Boston Crab.

Surprise winner

Bahh broke the hold and hit a couple of rights and two clothesline off the ropes, followed by a series of chops on Fulton before he sent him into the corner and hit a splash on him, then on Williams.

Bahh hit a hit attack on each of them, and body slammed Williams across the ring into Fulton to send him to the floor.

Williams came off the ropes and Bahh hit a Samoan Drop for a near pinfall and then hit a splash, but Fulton broke up the pin with a splash.

Bahh hit a series of palm strikes on Fulton, but he ran into a boot in the corner, and Fulton powered him up for a slam, but Williams dropkicked Bahh to send them both over.

Williams tried a Canadian Destroyer on Fulton, but Fulton was too big and Bahh helped Williams hit a sunset flip, then slapped Williams to break the pin.

Bahh hit a crossbody on Fulton off the ropes, then a belly to belly suplex and headed for a Vader Bomb but Austin distracted him and TJP backed him off.

Williams hit Bahh with some rights and went for a sunset bomb off the top rope but Bahh held on. Alexander nailed Bahh with a right to knock him down and Williams scored the win.

Impact Wrestling Results enjoyed this match as it was fun and Williams added some interesting moments as he continued his return run.

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