Impact Wrestling Results (4/22) – The Good Brothers (Karl Anderson, Doc Gallows) Dominated Decay (Crazzy Steve, Black Taurus) w/Rosemary before Winning by Pinfall with the Magic Killer

Impact Wrestling Results tuned is as Steve and Anderson started it off with a lockup and they jockeyed for position before they broke and Anderson hit a kick and uppercut, then threw Steve into a corner.

Steve hit with an elbow and tagged in Black Taurus, who hit a chop and there Anderson into the corner and hit a splash and slam, then threw Steve into him for a pin attempt.

Steve locked in an arm bar and Taurus came in and Anderson managed to pull him to his corner.

Gallows came in and hit a couple of right, but Taurus fought him off but ate a kick after he was distracted by Anderson.

After a series of body blows, Anderson tagged in and hit a snapmare and locked in a rear chin lock.

Anderson threw Taurus into their corner and Gallows tagged in and hit a right, then snapmared Taurus over and hit a series of elbows before locking in a rear chin lock.

Taurus got to his feet and hit some elbows, and then hit a leaping kick off the top rope but injured his leg.

Steve came in and she and Anderson exchanged moves before Steve snapmared him over and twisted his neck, and then a low flatliner for a pin attempt.

Attempted comeback

Steve locked in a crossface but Gallows broke it up. Taurus came in and Gallows threw him over the top rope, but Steve hit Gallows with a kick off the ropes and send Anderson to the floor with a clothesline.

Steve then tried a crossbody, but Gallows caught him and they hit a Magic Killer for the win.

This was faster than we expected, but it was an impressive win for the Good Brothers heading into their match against FinJuice at Rebellion.

After the match, Anderson called out David Finlay and Juice Robinson and said 2020 was a terrible year for many, but it was the best year they had.

He said maybe the Good Brothers got a little too cocky and he thanked them for waking up the Big LG and the Machine Gun.

All that matters is them reclaiming the Impact tag titles.

Gallows said the mistake FinJuice made was mistaking their good time for them being better. He thanked them for pouring gasoline on the fire to reignite the Good Brothers.

Gallows promised they’ll win at Rebellion with a Magic Killer and a one, two, three. That is oing to be an awesome match and Impact Wrestling Results can’t wait.

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