Impact Wrestling Results (4/29) – W. Morrisey Annihilated Sam Beale via a Powerbomb

Impact Wrestling Results returned as Gia Miller asked Taylor Wilde about how she’s feeling about having her first match in 10 years.

Wilde said it’s like the last 10 years never happened and she’s back home where she belongs.

Tenille Dashwood came up to her and said she’s been looking for a new partner, and said she didn’t expect her to come out of retirement to be her partner.

Wilde told her she’s there for the Knockouts Championship, and Tenille and Kaleb heard her say tag team championship. Wilde told them no and walked off, but they still heard her differently.

Sam Beale vs. W. Morrissey

We already feel bad for Beale and the match didn’t start yet.

Morrissey grabbed a mic and said we may recognize his face, you we don’t know who he is or any of the people there are.

He said we treat them like our heroes, but they don’t care and are all bad people. The only difference between him and them is he’s not afraid to admit it.

He nailed Beale with a clothesline splash and then nailed Beale with a couple of right.

Beale fought back, but Morrissey dropped him with a right, then put him across the top rope and hammered on Beale’s back and kicked him in the midsection.

Morrissey hit a short clothesline and then nailed a powerbomb for the win.

That’s definitely a way to make an impact. Pun intended.

Purrazzo’s shaken

Gia Miller told Kimber Lee, Deonna Purrazzo, and Susan about Taylor Wilde returning, and Lee said Wilde had the audacity for attacking them, and she promised to beat Wilde with both of her friends at her side.

Purrazzo said she and Susan should go out there along as she wants to stay backstage and watch what she does to Wilde.

When Gia asked her why she doesn’t want to be at ringside for Wilde’s return.

Purrazzo took offense to that and after saying she’s beaten everyone she turned to leave and nearly ran into Havok, who forced her to blink during their stare down.

Willie Mack challenges w. Morrisey

Gia Miller asked Willie Mack about W. Morrissey and how he has an animosity toward him.

Mack said he doesn’t understand his action and doesn’t think Morrissey understands his own.

He said he’s fine with them coming after him because he rolls with the punches, but Morrissey took it out on the fans and he challenged Morrissey to a match at Under Siege.

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