Impact Wrestling Results (4/8) – Sami Callihan and Trey Miguel Defeated XXXL (Acey Romero and Larry D) by Submission

Trey locked in a hourglass submission on Larry for the win

Impact Wrestling Results returned as XXXL was backstage when they came across Trey Miguel and asked if he’s ready to get his tail kicked.

Trey mocked them for not paying attention to the product and said he’s not going to help Sami.

Romero and Larry mocked him back and said he lacks passion and has become a joke. This is a good way to ensure they get Trey to team with Sami.

Better be careful what you wish for there, fellas.

Eric Young’s encouragement

Violent By Design welcomed us back with Eric Young saying in every great war there’s moments of great struggle and strife, and their movement will continue to move forward.

They believe in the movement too much to let it stop, and he called Deaner out for failing and that he accepted the consequences.

He added that when you fail, that’s when the disease becomes aggressive and tonight Deaner will seize the opportunity alone.

Young knows he won’t fail, because the consequences will be more severe.

Deaner will show that the world belongs to them.

XXXL (Acey Romero and Larry D) vs. Sami Callihan and Trey Miguel

Looks like one of our questions were answered when Trey didn’t come out when introduced, so we have a handicap match for the moment.

Trey made everyone wait for a minute before hs came out, and he ducked Larry and hit Romero with a dropkick, and then hit Larry with an inverted atomic drop.

Larry hit a pop up knee and tagged in Romero. Trey rolled out of a double reverse suplex and sent Romero to the floor and dropkicked Larry to join him.

Sami tagged himself in when trey was about to dive through the ropes and knocked XXXL off the apron as we headed to the commercial.

This is teamwork?

Back from commercial, they’re back in the ring with Sami in control over Romero with a front face lock and Trey tagged himself in and hit with a kick and a series of knees.

Trey came off the ropes, but Romero caught him with a sidewalk slam and tagged in Larry.

XXXL stretched Trey and dropped him for Larry to attempt a pin attempt.

Trey caught Larry’s charge with an elbow and a boot, then hit a DDT off the ropes. Trey headed to the top rope and Sami tagged himself in.

Trey grabbed him and they argued in the ring.

Sami ducked a right and tossed Trey to Larry, then kicked out Larry’s leg.

Trey aggressively tagged in as Romero slammed both their heads together.

Trey hit a bulldog off the top rope on Romero, then did a criss cross double dive through the ropes on XXXL.

Back in the ring, Trey hit Larry with a hip disconnector and then locked in a hourglass submission for the win.

Sami raised Trey’s hand, and Trey pulled away and left the ring. Sami then did a quick victory lap before giving a thumbs down.

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