Who Will Decrown TNT Champion Darby Allin?

Darby Allin has already been a good champion. At the moment, he still hasn’t defeated his championship that much due to the feud between Team Taz being way too long.

That now is starting to change with him defending his championship on most weeks of the weekly show. A title end must come to an end at some point, but who will be the wrestler to beat Darby Allin for the TNT Championship?


This one is a shot in the dark due to Andrade currently not even signing with AEW. But the surprise open challenge or something along these lines is always exciting. Andrade is one of the best wrestlers of WWE that was never used right.

There would be a lot of haters out there that someone from WWE winning the championship on day one is a bad idea. Andrade feels like he could be the exception for this one.

Eddie Kingston

Eddie Kingston over the past year has proved that he has been the hidden gem of wrestling. From his selling to his fantastic promo work.

Him as a championship is needed in the future. At the moment, it does look like a tag team run is in the works. The promos leading up to the PPV match between Darby Allin is just something that needs to be seen.

Pénta El Zero M

There has been a lot of mention of Pénta being one of the most underrated wrestlers in AEW. As he has currently not been used to his full potential.

It felt like after his match with Cody Rhodes, it would be time for Pénta to rise, but that never happened. Pénta winner, the TNT champion could give him the time he deserves in the spotlight.


It seems like we will definitely see MJF as AEW championship at some point. Before then, though, a feud between both Darby and MJF needs to happen. Now that MJF is the leader of the Pinnacle. They need to start winning gold to make them feel like a dominant faction.

MJF winning the TNT Championship seems like the best way forward after the feud with the Inner Circle ends.

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