WWE News: Roman Reigns And King Corbin Trade Insults On Social Media

Roman Reigns is the superstar at the top of the pecking order on SmackDown, so it should come as no surprise that other superstars are looking to get into the head of the Universal Champion.

Reigns was involved in a back and forth with King Corbin and Sheamus on Twitter this past week, after Sheamus revealed that he would be up for a battle against King Corbin if there was a bottle of bourbon on it. That was the point where Reigns decided the get involved, and claimed that the two Raw superstars were battling over a bottle of flavoured vodka.

WWE News: Exchange Between Superstars

Sheamus started the back and forth by opening a challenge for King Corbin, but it wasn’t too long before Reigns decided to get involved. It’s not really clear why the Universal Champion decided to get involved, but nonetheless, fans did enjoy the back and forth between the three superstars on Twitter. You can see Reigns’ first response below:



King Corbin wasn’t about to allow Reigns to get the final word, and even mentioned The Rock to try and get a response from Reigns. He claimed that maybe the real Head of the Table could get them a bottle of tequila to help toughen them up. To which Reigns replied that he must be their ‘dad’. You can see the Universal Champion’s response to the second tweet below.



WWE News: Reigns vs Rock Muted

This isn’t the first time that the idea of Rock against Reigns has come up on social media, as The Rock himself admitted that it would be a match that would interest him. There isn’t much of a doubt that with the route that the WWE are currently going down with the Tribal Chief storyline that a match against the WWE legend is the predicted outcome.

The match could be one of the biggest in the history of the company, and The Rock is yet to turn his back on the WWE for good, and has constantly revealed that he could be tempted to get back into the ring. A match against Reigns could be his final ever match, and it does have the potential to be one of the biggest that we have ever seen in WWE. However, whether that is at next year’s WrestleMania or the one after that remains to be seen.

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