WWE News: Seth Rollins Claims Fans Should Be ‘Blessed’ That They Have Him And Roman Reigns

Seth Rollins bit back at a post on Twitter this past week, after the WWE of Fox admin asked fans to pick between Roman Reigns and Rollins. Rollins could help but get involved in the discussion himself and claim that the WWE Universe should count themselves lucky that they have both superstars at the top of their game on SmackDown.

He also claimed that he and Reigns are both the GOATs. It has immediately fuelled rumours that we could finally see some sort Shield reunion over the coming weeks given that Rollins has history with Cesaro, who looks set to challenge for the Universal Championship in the coming months.

WWE News: Rollins Responds

The Tweet that Rollins sent out in response to the one asking fans to pick between himself and Reigns can be seen below. There have been rumours ever since Rollins returned that we could see the former Shield brothers reunite for a one-off match. The attraction is always there when it comes to the faction, as fans remember how dominant they were throughout their tenure.



The success that the superstars had achieved has continued as singles stars, which is hardly surprising given the amount of talent that was in the group. It’s unlikely that we could ever see all three members of the group getting back together anytime soon given that Dean Ambrose is now at AEW, but they do say that two out of three isn’t bad.

WWE News: Could Rollins Get Involved In Cesaro Angle?

Fans would certainly be interested in seeing Rollins and Reigns back on the same side again, even if it is for just one night. That could potentially come this week on SmackDown, as Rollins may come out as Cesaro continues to try and get a shot at the Universal Championship. Pitting the Swiss Superman against both superstars could be an interesting development, and could allow him to build momentum ahead of a PPV match further down the line.

A close to the match could see Cesaro pinning Rollins, which would ensure that Reigns remains as dominant as he is at present. It could be a decent angle, but it remains to be seen whether the WWE will look to use Rollins in the rivalry. They could instead opt to leave Reigns and Rollins apart before a match further down the line.

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