WWE NXT Results: Bronson Reed Defeats Austin Theory Via Tsunami Splash

Bronson Reed was dangerously close to ending the NXT North American Championship reign of Johnny Gargano at Takeover, so Gargano was glad to be rid of him. However, after Theory took the fall in an intergender eight man tag team match to Reed, and was still feeling the effects of the Tsunami Splash?

He decided to go to William Regal, and demand a match with Reed. If Reed wins, he gets a shot at Gargano and the title. Theory has nothing to gain really, and a ton to lose here. Gargano also wasn’t happy to learn about this, and could have a scheme to save himself.

Johnny Gargano Helps Austin Theory

Theory & Reed would lock up, and Reed easily shoved him into the corner, but allowed the clean break. Next time he was shoved into a corner, Theory slipped out and shoved Reed away by his face. Reed applied a headlock, but Theory got out and applied one of his own before being sent off the ropes and hit with a shoulder tackle.

Theory was sent out of the ring, and while he took a second to regroup, his idea of a diving shoulder tackle didn’t work. Reed swatted him out of the sky and nearly out of the ring. Theory held on by his toes, and Gargano helped him up. However, Reed shoved Gargano aside and Theory was hit with another shoulder tackle.

Back in the ring, Theory was able to hit a rolling dropkick after Reed was distracted sending Reed back to the outside. He’d then fake a shoulder injury, and while the referee was checking on him, Gargano hit a superkick before Theory dove over the top rope. We’d go to a commercial break with Theory taking control.

Bronson Reed Pushes Past Austin Theory

Back from the break, Theory had Reed in a chinlock, before hitting a knee strike. He kept the pressure on through the break, but Reed wasn’t giving up. Theory missed a big jumping elbow drop before Reed countered a rolling dropkick into a press slam.

A running body block dropped Theory again, before Reed hit a twisting chokeslam to plant Theory in the middle of the ring. A running senton landed, but Reed wasn’t able to get full control. Theory got a blockbuster neckbreaker on Reed for a two count, before looking for the ATL. Reed fought this off and hit a Samoan Drop, before countering a suplex with one of his own.

Dexter Lumis came to ringside, with his eyes on Indi Hartwell. Earlier in the night, he apparently sent flowers to Ember Moon & Shotzi Blackheart, and Hartwell wasn’t happy with him. Theory would take Lumis out, but walked into a lariat from Reed. Reed nailed the Tsunami Splash, and earned his title shot.

Will Bronson Reed become NXT North American Champion? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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