WWE NXT Results: Indi Hartwell Gets Her Man, Bronson Reed Pins Austin Theory In Chaotic 8 Person Tag Via Tsunami Splash

We don’t often see eight man tag team matches in wrestling, let alone with a mix of men and women. However, tonight makes perfect sense, when you break it down. On one side, you have The Way. NXT North American Champion Johnny Gargano, Austin Theory, Candice LeRae & Indi Hartwell. Their opponents are all recent rivals, such as Bronson Reed, Shotzi Blackheart, Ember Moon & Dexter Lumis.

Lumis is the interesting one here, having kidnapped Austin Theory & stolen the heart of Indi, prompting many of the WWE Universe (but mostly just Beth Phoenix to start shipping them as InDex). Anything can happen here, and it’s gonna be a wild ride. While The Way is the established group here, Reed, Lumis, Blackheart & Moon just work together. The Misfits of NXT if you will.

A Chaotic Brawl For The Win

Lumis would start with Theory, as Hartwell looked on in jealousy. Theory would get beaten down, and Hartwell wanted a tag. LeRae took it instead, and Moon rushed in to dropkick LeRae. Blackheart got a quick tag, and they’d work to isolate LeRae. Gargano tried to make the save, and Gargano got dropped by Moon before Lumis tagged in.

Lumis hit a pop up knee strike on Gargano, and took Theory off the apron before locking eyes with Hartwell. LeRae would pull her off the apron, keen to kept her from getting with this lunatic. Through a picture in picture break, Theory & Gargano would work to isolate Lumis, Theory getting a chinlock in and kissing his biceps during.

Lumis broke free and tagged in Reed, and would crush both Gargano & Theory before hitting a double Samoan Drop. LeRae & Blackheart came in, but Reed helped Blackheart avoid a senton, before diving into Reed and flopping off. Theory took Reed out, before a brawl broke out on the outside. Gargano took a dive from Moon, and LeRae hit a diving DDT on Lumis. Blackheart yelled “USE ME!” to tell Reed to throw her onto the pile at ringside.

Screw The Match, Indi Hartwell Got Her Man, Love Wins!

Back in the ring, Gargano hit Reed with a superkick, before being locked in Silence by Lumis when he wasn’t legal. Hartwell would play dead to get Lumis to break the hold, and his love for her was a distraction. She’d go for a kiss, but Theory made the save. Hartwell threw Theory over the top rope and tried again, and Lumis carried her backstage. Love wins!

There was still a match going on, and Reed would block a slingshot dropkick from Theory, before setting up Moon to hit a super Eclipse to take him out. LeRae was thrown onto Theory next, and Reed nailed the Tsunami, and this one was over! He’d carry the NXT Women’s Champions on his corners with ease, and it’s hard to deny he’s a star in the making.

Should Bronson Reed get another title shot? Will The Way accept Indi Hartwell and her new relationship? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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