Impact Wrestling Preview (5/6) – 6 Way Number 1 Contenders Qualification Match Qualifying Round – Moose vs. James Storm; Rhino w/VBD (Eric Young, Joe Doering, Deaner) vs. Chris Sabin w/James Storm; Trey Miguel vs. Rohit Raju w/Shera

Impact Wrestling Preview is stoked for this week after Scott D’Amore’s announcement of three qualifying matches for the 6 War Number 1 Contenders Qualification Match at Under Siege.

Last week, Chris Bey, Matt Cardona, and Sami Callihan won their respective matches, and now we get another trio of great matchups to set the stage.

Moose vs. James Storm

This match as the potential to steal the show as both are large and athletic, and Moose will be looking to make a statement as he sets his sights on facing Kenny Omega.

But first he’s got to get past the Cowboy, and that’s a task that’s easier said than done. Storm is the first TNA/Impact talent to wrestling in 1000 matches for the company, and he’s been in some awesome matches.

With that being said, he wants another championship run and he deserves it. He’s going to come at Moose with everything he has and then some.

Unfortunately for him, Moose will weather the storm and defeat Storm is a strong finish to earn his spot in the Number 1 qualifying match.

Rhino vs. Chris Sabin

While it looks like Storm will be in Sabin’s corner for this one, Rhino will have VBD in his.

While Sabin’s one of the toughest people around and has become a legend in many ways, Rhino has a record that could argued matches and surpassed Sabin’s.

While it feels like Rhino should win this simply with the advantage at ringside, we think Sabin will win for one specific reason: Rhino won the Call Your Shot opportunity.

And since Eric Young said one of VDB will be in the 6 way match, it’s possible that Rhino will lose here, but cash in to face Omega or his opponent after his championship match.

It’s a stretch and seems more WWE than Impact, but it’s a possibility.

Trey Miguel vs. Rohit Raju

This is going to be an awesome match and will probably be the match of the night as few can match Trey and Rohit in the ring.

Rohit’s going to go all out to get a shot at the Impact World Championship and with Shera in his corner it seems likely he’ll win, but we think Trey will pull it out.

Trey showed his passion against Sami Callihan, and we expect him to continue his push into the 6 way match after dispatching Rohit and surviving Shera’s attempts to help.

It’s worth nothing that Shera and Rohit didn’t work well together prior to their breakup, but could that have changed after Rohit brought Shera back into the fold?

Let us know who you think will win their matches and head to Under Siege?

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