Impact Wrestling Preview (5/6) – BTI (Before the Impact) – Jake Something vs. Shera w/Rohit Raju; NJPW’s El Phantasmo Debuts

This is going to be a fun match Impact Wrestling Preview doesn’t want to miss as Jake Something will seek a measure of revenger against Shera and Rohit Raju.

Last week, Jake had the chance to go to Under Siege in a 6 Way Number 1 Contenders match to face Kenny Omega for the Impact World Championship.

He was facing a returning Chris Bey following his injury and the match kicked off the show.

Jake was at his best and the two went back and forth, but as Jake was about to take over and possibly win Rohit grabbed his leg.

It gave Bey the chance to roll Jake up and use the ropes for leverage to gain the victory.

It was a great match and we were happy to see Bey back in action for a win, but Jake wasn’t happy with the “help” Rohit offered.

Now, Jake will have to go through Shera to get to Rohit, and we expect this match to be all sorts of fun as these two giants go head to head.

We love all three men involved and hate to pick one over the other, but we think Jake will manage to overcome Rohit and Shera to get the win and move one step close to facing Rohit at Under Siege.

El Phantasmo debuts

Impact Wrestling continues to make news after their historical Rebellion pay-per-view as El Phantasmo is going to make his Impact Wrestling debut.

We’re curious who he’s going to face first after Sam Beale was sacrificed last week to W. Morrissey. We haven’t seen Reno Scum for a few weeks, so they could be on tap for this match.

Since it’d doubtful both wouldn’t get involved, it’ll help El Phantasmo make an impression if he takes both of them on. The same can be said if he faces Acey Romero or Larry D of XXXL.

Or could he face one of the higher ranked wrestlers to really make a splash?

This could be interesting and show what they have planned for him depending on who he faces. This is going to be a fun debut.

It’ll be interesting to see what he plans to do in Impact. Could he have the X-Division Championship in his sights or just looking to cause some chaos.

Who do you think El Phantasmo will face, and what can we expect from his Impact Wrestling run? Let Impact Wrestling Preview know in the comments below.

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