Impact Wrestling Results (5/13) – X-Division Scramble – El Phantasmo Defeated Petey Williams (pin), Ace Austin, Rohit Raju, Acey Romero, and TJP; Havok Defeated Rosemary by Pinfall to face Deonna Purrazzo for the Knockouts Championship  

Hello and welcome to Impact Wrestling Results!

This is going to be a fun show, so let’s get to the action!

BTI (Before The Impact) – Tasha Steelz w/Kiera Hogan vs. Jordynne Grace w/Rachel Ellering

The match started with some great technical moves with armbars, but Grace’s power soon gave her the upper hand.

Steelz’s quick thinking and catching Grace with a kick through the ropes turned the tide.

Steelz came close with a series of high impact moves, but Grace ended it with a bot in the corner and then a senton and a pair of body slams, but Steelz kicked out following a type of Grace Driver.

Steelz went for an armbar but Grace rolled her over for a pin attempt.

Grace held onto the ropes when Steelz tried to whip her off, and then hit clubbing blows to the front and back for a gut wrench powerbomb for a near pinfall.

Grace became frustrated that Steelz kept kicking out, and after an exchange Hogan kept Grace from dropping her off the top rope and Steelz hit a crucifix bomb for the win.

Havok vs. Rosemary w/Decay (Crazzy Steve and Black Taurus)

After shaking hands, they exchanged blows in the middle of the ring, but Havok nailed her with a body block.

Havok hit a backbreaker and a running boot to take control over Rosemary and have a near pinfall and then slapped on a camel clutch and then she hammered on Rosemary when she tried to reach the ropes.

Havok pinned Rosemary’s arms under her and hammered away, and went in for the kill with a splash but Rosemary hit an elbow and then locked in an upside down.

Rosemary hit a missile dropkick and showed great strength in using Havok’s momentum to his a Fisherman’s suplex for a near pinfall, and then a spear for another near pinfall.

Havok powered out of a reverse DDT and powered her into a Tombstone piledriver for the win.

Deonna Purrazzo attacked Havok from behind, but Havok overpowered her and Purrazzo slipped out of the ring and backed into Rosemary, who threw her back into the ring.

Steve and Taurus chased Kimber Lee and Susan back to the backstage area while Havok nailed Purrazzo with a Tombstone piledriver.

X-Division Scramble – Petey Williams vs. Ace Austin w/Madman Fulton vs. El Phantasmo vs. Rohit Raju vs. Acey Romero vs. TJP

This is going to be an awesome match as the winner will face Josh Alexander, and Impact Wrestling Results are already prepared to get lost so please bear with us.

Everyone went after Romero since he was the biggest man in the match, and he headed to the floor to gather himself.

Austin, Petey, and Rohit remained in the ring and they put on a speed and technical joy until Romero caught Austin off the apron and threw him into the guardrail and uses Petey to bludgeon Rohit.

TJP nailed him with a kick and then faced off with El Phantasmo and they upped the ante and El Phantasmo walked the ropes, leaping and kicking obstacles while holding TJP in a wrist lock.

El Phantasmo put Austin on his shoulders, and he hit a Death Valley Driver over the ropes to take out everyone on the floor.

If there was any way to top what we just saw, TJP remained on fire as he took on Petey, and Rohit came in and nearly scored a pin fall on TJP before Romero came in.

Romero hit a splash and El Phantasmo and Austin broke up the pin and then went after each other.

Petey hit a Canadian Destroyer on Phantasmo and TJP saved the pin.

Austin took out Petey with a kick, and then he and TJP exchanged moved before Austin took out Romero over the top rope.

TJP hit a detonation kick on Petey but Petey rolled out of the way for a Mamba Splash. Phantasmo hit a splash on TJP but Petey broke it up.

El Phantasmo hit a CR II on Petey for the win to face Josh Alexander at Under Siege for the X-Division Championship.

Willie Mack vs. Sam Beale

Mack wanted to give Beale a chance, and caught him with a powerslam off the ropes and a standing moonsault for a near pinfall.

Beale showed some signs of life and put up a good fight after Mack’s initial run, but Mack eventually took over with a couple of clotheslines and a pop up forearm.

Mack hit a splash off the top rope for the win.

W. Morrisey attacked Mack from behind and threw Beale to the floor. He then leveled Mack with a clothesline and a big boot off the ropes.

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