Impact Wrestling Results (5/6) – Doc Gallows w/Karl Anderson, Kenny Omega, and Don Callis Defeated Juice Robinson w/David Finlay by Pinfall; El Phantasmo Debuts with a Win Against VSK

Impact Wrestling Results were set to see a good fight and Gallows started with a kick and headbutt, then raked Robinson’s eyes.

Gallows hit an uppercut in the corner and raked his eyes again, then threw him across the ring and ran into a reverse elbow.

Robinson threw him into a corner and climbed up to hit ten rights like in the old days and then bit Gallows’ head. He hit a clothesline and then a cannonball.

Robinson hit some jabs, but Gallows hit with an uppercut, then ran into a boot.

Robinson headed to the top rope and Gallows sent him to the floor with a kick.

Gallows went to the floor and threw Robinson into the ring and ground a forearm into his face in the corner, then choked him out with his knee.

Gallows then slammed him head first into the turnbuckle and hit a series of blows to Robinson’s midsection and choked him out on the ropes again.

Dirty players

Gallows measured him for an elbow drop and pin attempt, the hit a series of rights and bit Robinson’s face again.

Gallows hit a series of elbows to Robinson’s shoulder and then slapped on a rear chin lock.

Robinson got to his feet and hit some shots to Gallows’ midsection, but Gallows hit a big boot for a pin attempt.

Gallows then tore at Robinson’s eyes again and locked in a reverse chin lock.

Robinson got to his feet, but Gallows hit a knee and body slam, but missed an elbow when Robinson rolled to the side.

Robinson hit a shoulder block off the ropes twice, then hit a sliding kick to Gallows’ knee and hit a DDT for a pin attempt.

Robinson hit some jabs and then a left, and then knocked Anderson and Omega off the apron.

Gallows hit a full nelson slam and a sit out chokeslam on Robinson for the win.

We came back as the Good Brothers and Omega beat down FinJuice, and Eddie Edwards came out to help but he was quickly overwhelmed.

Almost got away

Gia asked Purrazzo as she was trying to get out of the building about what she and Scott D’Amore agreed on, and D’Amore said he heard she was looking for him and he heard what she had to say.

He said Havok and Rosemary will face each other next week, then at Under Siege she’ll face the winner.

El Phantasmo vs. VSK

We’ve been looking forward to seeing El Phantasmo in action. This is going to be a quick one.

They started with a lockup and Phantasmo locked in a side headlock, and hit a shoulder block off the ropes.

VSK hit a hurricanrana and a dropkick, followed by a body slam and splash for a near pinfall.

Phantasmo slipped of VSK’s shoulders and raked his back, then Phantasmo hung him upside down in the corner and faked a stomp and climbed on top of him to kick his underside.

Phantasmo hit a crossbody off the second rope and then a moonsault for a near pinfall.

Phantasmo was rolled up for a pin attempt and VSK hit an uppercut and a shoulder breaker for a near pinfall.

Phantasmo with a chest twister and hit a spinning kick to VSK’s midsection, and then a Sudden Death superkick for the win.

This was impressive for both of them. We can’t wait to see more.

Phantasmo made the ref hold up his foot instead of his hand as the winner. This was definitely an interesting introduction to El Phantasmo for Impact Wrestling Results.

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