Impact Wrestling Results (5/6) – Kenny Omega Steps In; Taylor Wilde Defeated Susan w/Kimber Lee with an assist to Tenille Dashwood and Kaleb with a K

Impact Wrestling Results returned as the Good Brothers and Kenny Omega talked about last week’s attack and about how good it felt

Don Callis then said they need to focus because every time the Good brother lose their stock go down.

Omega said he comes from a place where the wins and losses matter and he’s going to watch over them to ensure they put a W in the winner’s corner.

Omega said he used to coach high school girls basketball and Gallows said that’s what he needs. We’re going to leave it at that.

Susan w/Kimber Lee vs. Taylor Wilde

Susan was agitated before the match started and Wilde twerked to set her off. Susan went for a rear waist lock and Wilde reversed it.

Wilde took her down, then hit a jumping arm drag and a knee for a pin attempt.

Wilde hit a couple of rights, but Susan tripped her into the bottom rope and lee choked her out.

Susan snapmared her over as Tenille Dashwood came out to watch.

Wilde dodged a leg drop and hit a pair of clotheslines and a head scissors takeover. She then hit a release German suplex to send Susan to the floor.

Wilde hit a hurricanranna off the apron, and Lee pulled Wild off the apron.

Kaleb carried Lee off while Tenille hung Susan up on the ropes and Wilde hit a northern lights suplex for the win.

Tenille then tried to pose with her but Wilde refused and slipped out of the ring, leaving Tenille and Wilde confused.

Purrazzo surrounded

Gia Miller asked Deonna Purrazzo why we haven’t seen her at ringside, and Purrazzo said she’s not avoiding Wilde and Susan and Lee need to earn the right to accompany her.

Rosemary and Decay came in, and Gia ran off as Rosemary called her a cowards.

Purrazzo refused to listen, but she turned into Havok and Havok pointed out she’s a champion without opponents.

Purrazzo said Havok and Rosemary should face each other and she’ll face the winner. She then slunk out to leave them standing nose to nose.

W. Morrissey accepts

W. Morrissey said he associate his face with a goofy character, and he blames fans for turning our backs on him when he buckled under the pressure.

He said it’s not just the fans, but the industry. Every friend he had turned out to be a fraud, so he rebuilt himself and rose from the ashes.

He did it entirely on is own and he’s there to make everyone feel the agony he felt, and he accepted Willie Mack’s challenge at Under Siege.

Impact Wrestling Results expects this to be a war.

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