Impact Wrestling Results (5/6) – Qualification Match for 6 Way Number 1 Contender Match – Chris Sabin w/James Storm Defeated Rhino w/Violent By Design (Eric Young, Joe Doering, Deaner) with a Rollup

Impact Wrestling results returned as they locked up and Sabin locked in a wrist lock, but Rhino reversed it, and Sabin flipped out of it and relock it in.

Rhino hit a right and came off the ropes and Sabin hit a dropkick to send him to the floor.

Sabin ducked a clothesline and hit a leg scissors take down and nailed a series of rights, but Deaner tripped him coming off the ropes and Rhino hit a clothesline.

Rhino picked him up and slammed him into a turnbuckle and nailed a couple of rights before choking Sabin out.

Sabin hit a right and Rhino responded with a headbutt, and then his with a short clothesline.

Rhino tore at Sabin’s face and locked in a neck lock. Sabin fought out of the hold with some elbows, but Rhino hit a clubbing blow.

Sabin sneaks one

Sabin reversed a whip and they clunked heads, so the ref started a ten count.

Both got to their feet and Sabin hit a couple if rights and a spin kick, but ran into a reverse elbow.

Sabin slipped out of a fireman’s carry and hit an inverted atomic drop and a step up kick to send Rhino to the floor.

Sabin hit a crossbody over the top rope, then threw Rhino back into the ring and climbed to the tip rope to hit a missile dropkick for a near pinfall.

Deaner got the ref’s attention and Rhino poked Sabin in the eye, and Rhino hit a chop and threw Sabin into a corner. Rhino ran into an elbow, and Sabin headed to the top rope.

Rhino blocked a tornado DDT attempt and hammered on Sabin before climbing up to his a superplex for a near pinfall.

Sabin dodged a Gore and hit a dropkick to Rhino’s leg and rolled him up in a Midas Drop Cradle for the win.

VBD left without a problem after the match, and that’s as suspicious as it gets.

Rosemary’s picking a fight with Brian Myers

Backstage, Brian Myers was trashing the backstage area because he’s upset at not beating Cardona.

Rosemary asked him about his problem and handed him a taro card and told him it’s his ego that’s keeping him from changing.

He called her and what she was doing BS and Black Taurus ran him over with a shoulder block.

She said he’s right and put another card on his chest, saying that’s his. Impact Wrestling has a feeling Myers has bigger problems than getting a rematch.

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