Impact Wrestling Speculation – Sami Callihan and Moose are the Favorites to Face Kenny Omega

Impact Wrestling is getting interesting as it’s looking more and more like Sami Callihan and Moose are the favorite to face Kenny Omega for the Impact World Championship.

All one of them has to do in come out of Under Siege the winner.

Whoever wins the 6 Way match will be Kenny Omega’s next challenger, and this is where it’s going to get interesting.

Moose has long been a fan favorite to win the title, and fans weren’t very happy when Rich Swann defeated him to unify the TNA and Impact Championships.

And we figured, rightly so, that Swann would lose to Omega at Rebellion, and the assumed Moose would go on to defeat Omega and claim the Impact Championship.

It’s a safe bet for many reasons, especially since he has the size, strength, and tenacity to tear through the Good Brothers and Omega.

Plus, he’s stated he wants to win the Impact Championship before his contract expires this June. It’s a tight window, but it’s definitely possible.

The Sami equation

Sami Callihan is a dark horse for many reasons, the biggest being he hasn’t been too vocal about winning back the championship.

Another kind of goes hand in hand with the previous one as he’s not an “ideal” champion in many people’s eyes due to his more extreme methodology and antics.

While Moose has the physical presence and physicality to take on all three, Callihan has the nastiness to do that and more.

After the 6 man tag match on IMPACT previewing the upcoming 6 Way, Callihan scored the pin and then he and Moose stood nose to nose with Callihan telling him to take a shot.

Backstage, Callis looked more than a little concerned and frightened as Callihan, if given the chance, will take Omega out.

For us, this puts Callihan and Moose as the favorites to win the 6 Way and face Kenny Omega. The problem is, only one of them can move on.

Moose’s ego may push him to continue sending a message as he’ll look to destroy his opponents in the 6 Way while Callihan will look to win from the start, as will the other four members.

When it comes down to it, we expect it to be between Moose and Callihan and if either of them win Kenny Omega is in for a world of trouble.

Who do you think are the favorites in the 6 Way match? Let Impact Wrestling know in the comments below.

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